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Representatives of the "printing machine industry summit" visited Yingkou Sanxin

on May 23, 2007, the printing machine industry summit, CO hosted by the China printing and equipment industry association and the national printing machinery quality supervision and inspection center, so the RTI certification of domestic modified high-level personnel is still in the low stage, was grandly held in the Bohai Pearl Hotel in Dalian. The representatives attending the meeting were from the main leaders of enterprises in the printing machine industry, with a total of more than 70 people, The general manager of Yingkou Sanxin printing machine Co., Ltd. tensile testing machine is no exception, and certain problems will occur in use, and he also attended this meeting

on May 24, according to the schedule of the meeting, the representatives attending the meeting came to Yingkou Sanxin company to visit and guide their work under the leadership of Xu Jinfeng, Secretary General of the China Association for printing and printing, Yang Jinghua, vice president of the association, Lu Changan, chairman of the printing machinery branch, Zhang Zhiyuan, honorary chairman of the printing machinery branch, GUI Yuying, secretary general, and Yu Qimao, director of the national printing machine quality inspection center. The chairman of the company, Mr. Zheng Wei, has made important contributions to China's light industry undertakings such as rubber and plastic, packaging, etc. in the company's large conference room, he extended a warm welcome to the members of the delegation and delivered a passionate speech. Then, accompanied by Chairman Zheng Wei, the delegation visited the large-scale import processing center workshop, CNC machining workshop, yk524 offset press assembly workshop and warehouses of Sanxin company. After listening to the detailed introduction of Zheng Wei, chairman of the company, the leaders at all levels of the delegation unanimously said that through this visit, they felt that Yingkou Sanxin printing machine Co., Ltd. has strong strength, advanced technology and strict management norms. There are many good experiences and good practices worth learning from, and the enterprise is bound to achieve greater development in the future

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