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Representatives of Goodyear visited the advanced elastomer material research center of Beijing University of chemical technology from July 25 to 27, 2011, Mr. Dave zanzig, director of the material science department of the world-famous Goodyear tire company, Dr. Surendra K. Chawla, director of cooperative research, Dr. Xiaoping Yang, chief engineer of materials and composites research Dr. Kuo Chih Hua, head of the foreign science and technology project, and Dr. Yang Wang, manager of quality management and production technology in the Asia Pacific region, visited the advanced elastomer materials research center of Beijing University of chemical technology. The main purpose of this visit is to investigate the latest progress of the two cooperation topics of "bioengineering elastomer" and "Application of clay rubber composites"

On the morning of the 26th, Dr. Kuo Chih Hua visited the pilot test base in Changping and the pilot test equipment of polyester based bioengineering elastomers

On the afternoon of the 26th, a meeting was held in conference room 1313 of the science and technology building. Professor wusizhu of Beijing University of Chemical Technology welcomed the five experts on behalf of the center and introduced the situation of the center. Professor Wang Wencai led a visit to the laboratory. Teacher Wang Yiqing of the center made a summary report of "specify masterbatch production of clay/sbr nanocomposites for tire inne electrical adjustment" R liner "for the cooperative project of" Application of clay rubber composites "; Graduate students Wang runguo, Dynasty, Kang Hailan and Wei Tao reported on the direction of itaconic acid based bioengineering elastomer, polyester based bioengineering elastomer, soybean oil based bioengineering elastomer and bio based polyamide respectively for the cooperative project of "bio based need to undergo ball pressure experiment, glow wire experiment and horizontal combustion experiment". Representatives of Goodyear company fully affirmed the research results obtained by the center, and discussed relevant technical and market issues

On the morning of the 27th, Dr. Kuo Chih Hua had an in-depth discussion with teachers and students on the cooperative project of "bio based engineering elastomers", summarized the progress of the project and determined the next research direction

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