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Representatives of the Sanqiu agricultural mechanization production site will visit Changlin, Shandong Province

representatives of the Sanqiu agricultural mechanization production site will visit Changlin, Shandong Province

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in golden autumn September, flowers and fruits are fragrant, and Shandong Changlin group is filled with the vitality and passion of entrepreneurship. At 15:00 on September 16, liuhengxin, the head of the agricultural machinery promotion station of the Ministry of agriculture, led the delegates to the national Sanqiu agricultural mechanization production site meeting to visit Shandong Changlin group for guidance

Gao Mingfei, director of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Bureau, cuizhaotong, director of Linyi Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Ren Qinghu, Secretary of Linshu county Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the county people's Congress in recent years, Zhang Yihua, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Shandong Changlin group, Wang Bo, supervisor and general manager of Changlin agricultural clothing company, accompanied by other leaders

at the exhibition site of agricultural machinery products of Changlin agricultural equipment company, the leaders attended the exhibition of walking tractors, diesel engines, micro cultivators, "mini" four-wheel tractors, "Changlin Gufeng" series corn harvesters, peanut harvesters, rice and wheat combine harvesters (balers) and other products of Changlin agricultural equipment company with great interest, and carefully understood the scientific and technological innovation, market prospects, sales and other aspects of the products. In front of the "Changlin Gufeng" 4yzp-2q corn harvester, Wang Bo introduced to Liu Hengxin and others that this agricultural machinery product, which has won more than 20 national invention and practical patents, has achieved a production capacity of 10000 units this year, and all of them have been sent to the market, becoming a popular agricultural machinery for farmers in Hilly and mountainous areas. The leaders at the meeting expressed their appreciation to Shandong Changlin for relying on scientific and technological innovation to produce agricultural equipment urgently needed by farmers

at Shandong Changlin Ingersoll Rand Machinery Co., Ltd., Yu Jiahua, general manager, also introduced to the delegates that Changlin Ingersoll Rand Company, relying on high-end intelligent equipment, agricultural equipment and Changlin Parker, zhixinyun alliance, drew lessons from the manufacturing technology and planting mode of agricultural machines and tools in the United States, Argentina and other agricultural developed countries, combined with different agronomy, different soil, different crops, different farming conditions and different needs, The design and production of vacancies (3) more than 20 series of high-end agricultural machines and tools suitable for different environments and regions, such as steel wire mouth disc stubble rakes, hydraulic moldboard ploughs, hydraulic folding subsoiling and tillage combined soil preparation machines, have been unanimously recognized and highly praised by the leaders present at the meeting

in Zhongchuan hydraulic company, the leaders attending the meeting carefully observed the products and listened to Zhang Yihua's introduction. When they learned that Shandong Changlin group had overcome various difficulties, achieved catch-up and breakthrough, and that the enterprise's products were in short supply, the enterprise was approved by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance as the only national strategic emerging industry parts cluster in the country, and became a model for the transformation and upgrading of national enterprises, they were highly appreciated by the leaders attending the meeting

in the modern agricultural machinery production plant jointly invested and constructed by Shandong Changlin group and Italy Saimai daoizfar Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 2billion yuan, which can produce 60000 high-end intelligent tractors, 20000 combine harvesters and 80000 CVT gearboxes per year, Albertini, general manager of Shandong Changlin Saimai daoizfar machinery company, introduced to you that the company has achieved strong alliance through the implementation of the "dual brand" strategy and international cooperation, The level of China's high-end intelligent agricultural equipment jumped to the international advanced level. When the CVT gearbox for non road machinery filled the domestic gap and reached the international leading level, it won bursts of applause from the participating leaders

the leaders and representatives of the national Sanqiu agricultural mechanization production site meeting were deeply impressed by the concerted efforts and common development of Shandong Changlin group through on-site observation and debriefing. He spoke highly of the rapid development of Shandong Changlin group and its achievements in realizing agricultural mechanization. They hope that Shandong Changlin group will adhere to the internationalization strategy of scientific and technological cooperation, constantly lengthen its own industrial chain, further expand the scale of enterprises, strive to achieve the great development of enterprises, and make greater contributions to promoting the sound and rapid development of agricultural mechanization and increasing farmers' income

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