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Representatives of float film manufacturers in Central China held a market discussion meeting

on June 8, representatives of float film manufacturers in Central China gathered in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province to hold a market discussion meeting. The meeting was organized by Jiangxi Pingxiang float glass factory, and the original film manufacturers in Hunan and Jiangxi as well as Guangxi Nanning and Luobo group attended the meeting. The meeting decided that the white glass and green glass manufacturers would increase the price by 2 yuan/weight box. On the next day, the participating manufacturers responded to the spirit of the meeting by raising yuan/weight box for white glass and emerald green

current domestic float glass supply situation

at present, there are 255 domestic float glass production lines, of which 53 are in cold repair or shutdown. 202 float glass lines are in production, with a total capacity of 121880 tons/day, about 889.7 million weight boxes per year, of which 158 float glass lines are in production

since 2012, there has been no new production line in Central China, and three float lines have been cold repaired, with a total capacity of 1500 tons/day, with a capacity reduction of about 9.3%. The details are as follows: the river has extremely high requirements for the moisture content of the base course, base course grinding and primer treatment, and the 400 ton float line of nanbengyue float lifelong protection glass Co., Ltd. was cold repaired with water in April; The 450 ton Longhao line of Lobo group was repaired with cold water in May; The 650 ton float second line of Wuhan Changli Glass Co., Ltd. was repaired with water in May. From this point of view, the production capacity in Henan has decreased significantly. Supported by this, Henan Zhonglian 450 ton second line of float jade green has been changed to white glass. At present, only two white glass float lines are in production in Henan

the surrounding markets are in poor condition, and the pressure faced by central China will increase

on the whole, the central China market is obviously impacted by the Shahe supply, and the market is obviously restricted by the Shahe, especially in Henan, Hubei and Hunan regions, the Shahe supply inflow is too large. It can be seen from the trend chart that despite the decline in production capacity, the price in Central China is still adjusted with the Shahe market and has always maintained a consistent price difference. The prices in South China and southwest China rose sharply, and the peripheral market prices of goods from central China rose accordingly

at present, the downward trend of the South China market appears, and Zhongshan Yufeng sharply reduced 4 yuan/weight box on the 11th. The price rise in South China has lasted for three months. The inflow of goods from the north is increasing day by day, and foreign goods occupy a greater price advantage in the South China market. In June, the orders of downstream processing plants were flat, and under the continuous rising market in the early stage, middle and downstream customers held a certain supply, and the wait-and-see atmosphere became increasingly strong. Prices in the South China market continue to fall, which will have a certain resistance to the inflow of goods in Central China. In addition, it is also important to increase the wait-and-see atmosphere in the central China market

the southwest market is generally traded, the production and sales of manufacturers are acceptable, the inventory shows a slight increase trend, and the inventory level of individual manufacturers is high

although the northern market continues to rise, the market wait-and-see atmosphere has increased. There are many peripheral markets for Shahe's recent shipment, and the local market trading is slightly general. Supported by the low inventory of manufacturers, the price of sample gap processing and forming at one time continues to rise slightly. However, the downward trend in the South China market will increase the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market nationwide, and the North China market may be significantly affected. At that time, the upward price will face greater pressure

aftermarket forecast in Central China

recent frequent rainfall in Central China, two lakes and Jiangxi has a great adverse impact on manufacturers' shipments. After the central China meeting, the executive prices of most manufacturers have increased, but the market reaction is slightly general. The middle and lower reaches hold a certain source of goods, maintain on-demand procurement operations, and the market trading atmosphere has not changed significantly. Zhuochuang information analysis believes that the trading volume of central China market has declined recently, and the market in South China has fallen. At this time, the position of the discharge outlet in the upper middle has a certain negative impact on the central China market. It is expected that the short-term market in Central China market will be stable, and the long-term market is not optimistic. The focus should also be on the Shahe market. Recently, the transportation cost of Shahe source shipment in Central China market has decreased. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission has lowered the oil price again, which may further reduce the transportation cost, and the prices in various regions may be reduced slightly. Zhonghua glass () Department

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