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PetroChina quickly opened up the whole industrial chain of mask manufacturing

12 production lines have produced masks and produced two tons of melt blown cloth per day with the cooperative enterprise

on the evening of March 9, the construction personnel of the original polyester filament device plant of Liaoyang Petrochemical were breaking through the middle wall and transforming it into a new melt blown non-woven fabric production workshop. According to PetroChina refining and chemical company, PetroChina has arranged Liaoyang Petrochemical and Lanzhou Petrochemical to rush to build 4 melt blown non-woven production lines, and 14 of the 21 mask production lines planned to be built have also been in place, of which 12 have produced export masks

since the start of the self built mask production line project on February 6, PetroChina has overcome the difficulties of tight time, heavy tasks, shortage of raw materials and other difficulties, quickly opened up the whole industrial chain of mask manufacturing, and upgraded from a manufacturer of basic raw materials for masks to a comprehensive supplier integrating basic raw material supply, research and development and production of core material manufacturing technology, and mask manufacturing

polypropylene is the main raw material of medical surgical masks and N95 masks. In order to ensure the sufficient supply of raw materials for masks, refining and chemical enterprises such as PetroChina Dushanzi petrochemical, Dalian Petrochemical, Dalian Xitai, Ningxia Petrochemical, Hohhot Petrochemical, Lanzhou Petrochemical, Fushun Petrochemical and so on are fully engaged in the production of polypropylene medical materials. As of March 9, 138000 tons of medical materials have been produced and 130000 tons have been delivered

the supply of melt blown cloth made of polypropylene, the core filter material of masks, continues to be tight, and the price continues to soar. China Research Institute of petroleum and petrochemicals has set the development of meltblown materials and meltblown cloth for masks as a major political task, and completed a series of work of R & D and production within a week. Lanzhou center of Sinopec academy completed the procurement and installation of key equipment in only 8 days, and solved relevant technical problems, which will certainly be able to maintain our impact machine well, On February 28, PetroChina successfully developed its own polypropylene melt blown special material, with a capacity of 2 tons/day. Under the extremely tight situation of melt blown cloth production in the country, the Petrochemical Institute quickly implemented the partners, and the first batch of melt blown cloth was successfully delivered on February 26. At present, PetroChina and cooperative enterprises can provide 2 tons of meltblown cloth for the production of masks every day, which will help to add 2 million pieces of medical masks per day

At the same time, PetroChina has accelerated the construction of melt blown cloth production line, relying on its own technology to form a complete process flow of polypropylene fiber material melt blown material melt blown cloth, so as to alleviate the contradiction between melt blown cloth market supply. At present, Lanzhou Petrochemical and Liaoyang Petrochemical have been arranged to build two melt blown cloth production lines respectively. The civil construction of Liaoyang Petrochemical melt blown non-woven fabric production project has been carried out in an all-round way, striving to be completed in April and form a production capacity of 1000 tons/year

since the outbreak, there has been a large gap in the supply of masks. Many PetroChina enterprises have carried forward the spirit of Daqing iron man, which is "if conditions permit, if conditions are not created", and mobilized internal labor protection enterprises to work overtime to produce manual masks, helping enterprises to prevent and control the epidemic and resume production. Daqing Oilfield has urgently formulated the production standards and specifications of masks to guide the production of ordinary protective masks. At present, the manual production of masks is up to 57000, and more than 1million masks have been produced in total. Fushun Petrochemical has a maximum daily output of more than 70000 labor protection masks, with a total production of 1.48 million pieces, and also supports 80000 brother units. Jilin Oilfield multi Industry Group employees worked overtime and produced 70000 manual daily protective masks in only half a month, which were distributed to other enterprises in the oilfield

in order to effectively enhance the strength of supply guarantee, PetroChina launched four self built mask production lines in Daqing Oilfield, Daqing Petrochemical, Fushun Petrochemical and Lanzhou Petrochemical on February 6 to rapidly promote the construction of mask production capacity. On February 20, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) urgently coordinated the resources of mask machines for PetroChina, requiring the products to be released at the end of February. In order to ensure that the mask production line is put into production as soon as possible, the group company has made overall linkage and overcome difficulties. Through hard work day and night, six new medical mask production lines have been put into production in only 22 days, forming a production capacity of 600000 pieces per day

in March, the installation and commissioning of the automatic production line for masks has been further accelerated. At present, among the 14 mask production lines that have been put in place by these four enterprises, four disposable medical mask production lines in Daqing Oilfield have been put into operation, and one is under installation and commissioning; Lanzhou Petrochemical has produced four disposable medical mask production lines and one N95 medical mask production line; Two of the three disposable medical masks production lines of Daqing Petrochemical have produced masks, and one is being installed and debugged; Two mask production lines of Fushun Petrochemical have also been put into operation. These enterprises are working hard to tackle key technical problems and strive to continuously increase production. It is expected that all the 21 production lines planned will be put into operation in the middle and late March, forming a production capacity of 1.5 million masks with the wide popularization of the lightweight concept

with the resumption of a large number of mask production lines nationwide and the launch of new mask production lines, raw materials such as melt blown cloth have become the bottleneck for the production of mask production lines on schedule. In order to ensure that the self built mask production line is put into production in a timely manner, China Petrochemical sales enterprises connect with downstream production suppliers at all levels to raise resources for fracture phenomenon without significant appearance deformation. The sales of North China chemical industry and Northeast China chemical industry were linked urgently, giving full play to the advantages of channels, locking resources, and raising the first batch of raw materials such as "meltblown cloth" Fang daining, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, nose bridge strips, ear bands and so on in time, which solved the urgent need for the supply of raw materials for the production of PetroChina masks

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