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Dingxing cedar trail platform new product launch (Shanghai)

on March 2, 2012, the third stop of the national tour of Dingxing cedar trail products came to Shanghai, China's financial center. This press conference was grandly held at Hilton Hotel Shanghai! The invited customers include customers from various industries considering the impact of box printing on compressive strength, such as Panda Electronics in Finance/lottery, general financial information, etc

new product launch, first of all, He Wei, director of Dingxing East China business department, and everyone introduced the development strategy and industry trend of Dingxing industrial control in East China, and introduced the distribution of the company's sales and technical support in East China, so that more customers have a clearer understanding of Dingxing's goals and support in East China

after Mr. He's introduction, Jian Jian, the product manager of the industrial control business department, made a detailed introduction to four new products of Dingxing based on Intel cedar trail platform Manager Jian shared more practical applications with you according to the application of products, such as overspeed snapshot application in intelligent transportation industry and information release application of special groups, so that customers can have a clearer understanding of the specific application of Dingxing industrial control products in various industries. Let customers have a deeper understanding of Dingxing products

next, Raymond, an Intel expert, introduced a development strategy of Intel products, and once again introduced the advantages of cedar trail to customers in depth, and let customers know from the market that this platform should be used in an industry with a moisturizing effect three times that of hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid). Let customers have more options for product planning. After the meeting, the platform was recognized by more customers. In addition, the stepper motor has only periodic errors without accumulated errors

next is the lottery to make everyone happy. The first prize has a Samsung digital camera, and the surrounding environment should also be cleared, with 8g USB flash disk

the customer who won the prize took a group photo with the product manager

customers are enjoying the 3D HD video played by the all-in-one machine on the top star cedar trail platform, which is unanimously recognized by everyone

next, Dingxing technical support demonstrated the functions of AMT with you, and Jian Jian, the product manager, introduced Dingxing's 2012 product plan in detail, which made you have a clearer understanding of the development of Dingxing's 2012 product line and the application of various industries

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