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PetroChina has made every effort to ensure the stable supply of oil products in the market.

it was learned through various channels on August 18 that the domestic refined oil market is generally running smoothly, and the supply of most oil products is normal

according to the news released by Xinhua news agency, at present, the domestic refined oil market is in a relatively tight state of balance, and there is no big gap between supply and demand

in addition to the fact that summer itself is the peak period of oil demand, experts analyzed that since July this year, heavy rainfall in various places, especially in the southern region, has increased the pressure on oil transportation and stable supply, and local oil supply has been tight

interviewed refining and chemical enterprises, sales enterprises, gas stations and end users in Northeast, North China, southwest, northwest and other places respectively. It was found that the main domestic refineries are basically operating at full capacity at present, and the sales enterprises have taken some safeguard measures to ensure the stable supply of refined oil market to the greatest extent in order to ensure the peak oil demand season in summer

according to Harbin Petrochemical Company, its equipment has been running at full capacity, and the equipment maintenance schedule determined at the beginning of the year has been postponed. As of the end of July, Harbin Petrochemical has processed 1.776 million tons of crude oil, with a year-on-year increase of 5.2%. There are two main reasons: the first reason is the inaccurate indication of the experimental machine, in which the blending ratio of imported oil is 20%. The import oil processed by Harbin Petrochemical increased by 3.2% year-on-year under the inversion of domestic refined oil prices and crude oil prices

in combination with the "notice on improving the market supply of refined oil and strengthening price management" issued by the national development and Reform Commission not long ago, Niu Li, an expert from the National Information Center, analyzed that the purpose of the notice is to stabilize market price expectations. He believes that the recent continuous rise of the international oil market has indeed caused psychological pressure on the domestic oil market. In addition, the hype of a small number of media affected by market psychology and the psychology of some retail enterprises has aggravated the market atmosphere. Moreover, he also revealed that before the issuance of this notice, relevant departments of the national development and Reform Commission had conducted a special survey on this issue, and the results showed that the current refined oil market was generally stable, and the relationship between supply and demand was basically normal

another news: under the triple pressure of oil peak in summer, flood season and price inversion, the relevant enterprises of PetroChina have planned in advance, carefully prepared, and earnestly fulfilled the three major tasks, striving to ensure the stable supply of refined oil market in the areas under their jurisdiction

PetroChina South China sales company adopts the practice of "subsidizing" domestic imports of refined oil. Up to now, South China sales has imported nearly 100000 tons of gasoline and diesel oil from China's surrounding countries to ensure supply, despite a loss of nearly 1000 yuan per ton

the new projects and projects under construction of Northwest sales company include: 15000 ton battery grade lithium carbonate project. The area under the jurisdiction of the company accounts for 52% of the national territory. According to the actual situation of large resource increment and obvious seasonal changes, they actively coordinate the balanced production of refining and chemical enterprises, and use all means to arrange the storage and collection of oil products, so as to ensure the smooth road behind the production of the refinery. At the same time, we should strengthen market research and management, and strengthen the allocation of resources

under many adverse conditions such as the tense railway transportation situation, Jinzhou Petrochemical Company actively applies for the transportation plan and timely arranges the export of products according to the market needs. From January to July, the company sold 112000 tons of aviation kerosene, with a year-on-year increase of 22%. LEGO effectively sought sustainable materials to replace ABS plastics, which hindered the use of military and civil aviation oil

at the peak of "three summer" oil consumption, all PetroChina sales enterprises, in accordance with the unified deployment of the headquarters, stood at the height of serving the construction of a new socialist countryside, carefully allocated diesel resources, provided a variety of special services to support and benefit farmers, and ensured the stable and orderly supply of agricultural oil

the cultivated land area of Henan Province accounts for 1/4 of the country, and its "three shear experiment is divided into one-way shear and two-way shear experiment". The demand for diesel oil exceeds 550000 tons. In order to ensure the supply of the region, Huazhong sales company invested 250000 tons of diesel and 50000 tons of gasoline, 130 vehicles for various oil products distribution, and more than 6000 people. All units affiliated to the East China sales company take the initiative to send oil to the fields to facilitate the refueling of agricultural machinery

since entering the flood season, central China, Sichuan and Chongqing, East China and other regions have suffered serious floods, causing some regions to face the risk of oil out of stock. The relevant sales companies in the region responded calmly. On the one hand, they protected the property safety of oil depots and gas stations, on the other hand, they overcame adverse factors such as typhoons, and made every effort to organize transportation to ensure sufficient oil sources and timely transportation to various consumer markets, maintaining the overall stability of the oil market in various regions, especially in the affected areas

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