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China's oil trading platform rises in Haicang, Xiamen

according to China Energy News, an oil trading platform that mainly radiates across the Taiwan Strait and Southeast Asia will rise in Haicang District, Xiamen! At the end of September this year, Xiamen oil trading center will officially open for business

Xiamen oil trading center is located in the CBD Central Area of Haicang new city, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, including the oil trading building, with a total construction area of about 110000 square meters. It is planned to start construction during the China International Investment and Trade Fair in September this year, and will be completed and put into use in March 2014. Before that, some places in Haicang business building will be rented as temporary members' residence places

at present, the trading scale of refined oil products in China is growing rapidly, especially the trading scale of refined oil products across the Taiwan Strait has great potential. At present, the oil refining capacity of the Economic Zone on the West Bank of the Taiwan Strait is about 30million tons/year. By 2012, the oil refining capacity will reach about 60million tons/year, while its own demand is only about 10million tons, and the remaining capacity needs to be exported. In addition, at present, Taiwan only has "PetroChina" and Formosa Plastics, and the refining capacity has reached more than 50 million tons. In addition to the self-sale of the chemical industry, a large number of refined oil has been sold to Singapore. If you turn to the Xiamen oil trading center, which is separated by a river, you can greatly save logistics costs. It can not only meet the needs of the growing consumption of refined oil in the mainland, but also greatly help us provide you with more relevant information to promote cross-strait economic and trade cooperation, which fully meets the requirements of the state on the construction and development of Haixi Economic Zone

with the country's strong support for the construction and development of the West Coast Economic Zone, Xiamen will have closer economic ties with Taiwan and Southeast Asia. As one of the regional central cities, Xiamen has the advantages of both port logistics center and bonded port area. It is suitable for building an oil trading center "based on the west coast, facing the country and aiming at internationalization"

the construction of Xiamen oil trading center has received strong support from Xiamen City and Haicang District. The municipal and municipal governments actively create a good investment environment and provide convenient and efficient services for oil enterprises to develop in Xiamen. Haicang District also issued a series of preferential policies for the number of overseas exhibitors and the exhibition area to increase by 11.6% and 13.6% respectively over the previous session. For floor traders who have settled in the oil trading center and registered in Haicang, and whose taxes are collected and managed by the Haicang tax department, they will be given financial support according to the local financial situation of Haicang District, Return 100% in the first two years, unless it is alloying, that is, adding the third component can improve its toughness, and return 60% in the next three years

the construction of Xiamen Petroleum Trading Center has also received strong support from the petroleum chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce. Thousands of oil enterprises across the country will become the main force of the "Xiamen oil trading center". At present, Xiamen oil trading center has attracted more than 100 domestic and foreign enterprise members to settle in the oil trading center

it is reported that the "Xiamen oil trading center" has recently focused on spot oil trading, and it is expected that the trading volume will exceed 10 billion yuan within two years, starting to pass the paper RMB mark; At the same time, efforts should be made to increase the trading volume, expand the influence, and drive the prosperity of people flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow and related service industries, so as to become the most distinctive modern service industry comprehensive platform in Xiamen, and strive to become an influential oil trading platform in China

Haicang is located in the southwest of Xiamen, Fujian Province and the prominent part of the golden triangle in Southern Fujian. In May, 1989, Xiamen Haicang Taiwan investment zone was established with approval. In August, 2003, the division of Xiamen was adjusted to establish Haicang administrative region, while retaining the Taiwan investment area. The administrative area covers 173.6 square kilometers

after 20 years of development and construction, Haicang's infrastructure has become increasingly perfect, forming four unique development advantages: the advantaged port advantage, the cutting-edge advantage of Taiwan exchange, the development advantage of advanced manufacturing industry, and the first mover advantage of integrated construction inside and outside the island

at present, Haicang is comprehensively promoting the construction of "new port area, new industrial zone and new urban area", moving towards the goal of shipping logistics center on the West Bank of the Strait, advanced manufacturing base and an important part of Xiamen central city, and striving to build Haicang into an industrialization and urbanization demonstration area and a pilot area for exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan

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