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PetroChina once again exposed the "flameout": more than 1000 private cars failed after refueling

in the past week, PetroChina's No. 93 gasoline has affected the nerves of many private car owners in Taicang, Jiangsu Province. It turned out that the No. 93 gasoline of PetroChina at the local gas station caused many private cars to stall and fail to start to varying degrees. Hundreds of private car owners publicly begged for an explanation, while PetroChina read the value of the passive pointer near zero (that is, zero difference) and insisted that the gasoline sample was qualified

since late April, many car owners reported that after filling up the oil at the Jinhua gas station on Kuntai road and the Fuhao gas station on Liuyuan road in Taicang City, PetroChina, there were faults such as flameout for no reason. The exhaust pipes of some cars are still rusted in large areas, and car owners suspect that there is a problem with gasoline. Mr. Lu started his new car for more than a month. He had just run more than 2000 kilometers and had not even passed the running in period, but he found that a large area of rust had appeared on the surface of the exhaust pipe of the new car. Mr. Yang's situation is even worse. The new car didn't even run 600 kilometers, and the exhaust pipe can actually discharge sewage. The two car owners recently added oil at PetroChina Liuyuan Road gas station. When they found the gas station, they learned that there were not a few car owners who had the same experience with them

the maintenance staff of a Buick 4S store not far from the Fuhao gas station on Liuyuan road told that more than 100 cars with such problems had been delivered in recent days, while the maintenance staff of a Shanghai Volkswagen 4S store located on the side of Taicang 204 National Highway said that more than 300 cars with such problems had come in recent days, not only private cars, but also taxis

in an automobile repair shop in Taicang City, several faulty cars were parked in the maintenance area. The person in charge of the repair shop said that recently, many vehicles sent for repair had their exhaust pipes rotted to varying degrees after filling up. The person in charge of the auto repair company said that in addition to replacing the exhaust pipes and spark plugs of these vehicles, the engine may also be replaced if the impact is serious

after the vehicle had problems, the car owners went to the gas station to ask about it, but the staff of the gas station refused to admit it. After investigation, it was understood that Jinhua and Fuhao gas stations belong to the oil retail center of Shanghai Yanpu petroleum industry and trade company, which operates all kinds of gasoline products subordinate to PetroChina. On the afternoon of May 3, it was found that the two gas stations had been closed and no one was interviewed. There is a notice posted in front of the two gas stations. If car owners want to reflect and consult about oil quality problems, they can go to the designated place to register. The signing unit of the notice is "Taicang oil quality coordination and handling working group"

then came to one of the places indicated in the announcement. Many car owners were filling out forms here and finally met the staff of PetroChina gas station. But in the face of the inquiry, they said they had no comment. A female car owner who was filling out the form said that the car owners registered here with the fuel invoice from April 24 to 28, and then took the registration form to the 4S store of the car brand. The PetroChina gas station would entrust the 4S store to clean their vehicles and replace the corresponding equipment. "The oil company has set up two points. With the invoice, the invoice from the 24th to the 28th, you fill in a form. With this invoice, you must admit that there is a problem with this oil, right?"

the spokesman of PetroChina Suzhou Branch said in an interview on the 4th that they once again apologized for the impact and inconvenience caused to the relevant car owners by the oil quality complaint incident at Jinhua and Fuhao gas stations. At the same time, Jinhua and Fuhao gas stations were immediately closed for rectification, and the manager of the gas station was suspended. The company will give free cleaning and maintenance of the oil circuit to vehicles that are abnormal due to lithium battery technology, especially the 3-yuan battery technology, and the filling of No. 93 gasoline at the Regal gas station during the period from April 24 to April 28. During cleaning, the amount of oil pumped out of the oil tank will compensate for the amount of oil. For vehicles that cannot provide invoices, register first, and dispose of them as soon as possible after video verification

in the evening of May 2, hundreds of car owners went to the "problem" gas station to ask for a statement. In view of the large number of car owners with faults, the Taicang municipal government has instructed the local development and Reform Commission, industry and commerce, quality supervision and other departments to form a special investigation team to verify. On April 29, the industry and Commerce Department sealed the gasoline samples and sent them to the comprehensive technical service center of the state certified Taicang inspection and Quarantine Bureau for monitoring. The gasoline samples tested meet the national standards, The inspection procedures comply with the regulations. PetroChina said that there was no exact evidence to prove that these car failures were related to gasoline, and the real cause of the failure still needs to be investigated

in the afternoon of May 4, it was learned from the relevant departments of Taicang municipal government that the gasoline samples submitted for inspection were the gasoline of the two gas stations on April 29, not the gasoline added between April 24 and 28 as the car owners said. A professional inspector from the product quality inspection institute of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision told that if the car vibrates after refueling, the exhaust pipe crystallizes, and it is easy to stall, there are no more than the following two reasons: first, gasoline is mixed with other liquids such as water; Second, diesel oil is mistakenly injected into gasoline

the inspector judged that there was a problem with the gasoline oil added by these car owners, "If there is water, because the engine used to work in proportion, now it is an EFI engine. If there is water in it, its fuel injection will be reduced, the fuel supply will be too thin, and the engine will definitely shake. If it is normal gas, the exhaust pipe will drip; if it is white smoke, it will be more troublesome. We often see white smoke from diesel engines, and if it is smoke, it will be more serious."

on the morning of May 6, PetroChina's solution was introduced, and each damaged car owner was compensated 3500 yuan. From 8:00 a.m. that day, the six processing points of PetroChina Jiangsu company in Taicang were all open to car owners. At a treatment point located in Shanghai West Road, Taicang City, 30 or 40 private car owners gathered early in the morning. The local government dispatched a large number of police forces to maintain order on the scene. It was learned that only this treatment point will receive more than 500 car owners when the equipment was initially put into operation today, especially in this way. The total number of people accepted by the six treatment points has exceeded 3000

PetroChina still told on May 6 that the gasoline products involved were qualified after being tested by the authority. However, in view of the faults encountered by many private cars at present, it is still decided to make compensation in advance. For the compensation scheme, some car owners have nothing to do. However, some car owners hesitated at the scene, wondering whether to accept such a compensation scheme. Many car owners said that they were eager to compensate before the problem was found out, and there had been no authoritative professional organization for car owners to consult, which always made people uneasy

PetroChina said that car owners who disagree with the compensation plan and whose maintenance cost is far more than 3500 yuan can still communicate and negotiate. At present, most car owners have accepted the compensation plan and received cheques on site. For the cause of the event itself, a person in charge of PetroChina said that the inspection agency will mainly test 18 test items stipulated by the state, although the current test results are qualified, However, it is not ruled out that there are problems in other undetected projects, which will be announced to the public after the final results are released. (according to "Oriental satellite TV", "Jiangsu 937 radio")

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