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PetroChina topped the list of the world's top 500 listed companies

the financial times released the ranking of the world's top 500 companies on the 30th. PetroChina surpassed Exxon oil company of the United States for the first time, becoming the world's largest enterprise by market capitalization; There are three top 10 Chinese enterprises. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Mobile ranked fourth and tenth respectively

this is the 14th annual ranking of the global top 500 by the financial times, and it is also the first time for Chinese enterprises to stand at the top of the list. According to the report of the Research Institute of the financial times, as of March 31, 2010, the market value of PetroChina had reached US $329.3 billion, more than US $13 billion higher than the second place ExxonMobil, Microsoft ranked third, followed by industrial and Commercial Bank of China

insiders said that PetroChina's ranking at the top of the world's top 500 indicates that the strength of the enterprise has reached a high level to a certain extent, but this high score obtained by "monopoly plus points" does not mean that the real competitiveness of the enterprise has reached this level. In addition to being bigger, Chinese enterprises should be stronger in the future

the financial crisis helped PetroChina surpass Mobil

a large part of the reason why PetroChina successfully won the title of the world's top 500 should also be attributed to the financial crisis

dongxiucheng, deputy dean of the school of Business Administration of China University of petroleum, believes that since Europe and the United States are the hardest hit areas of the financial crisis, the stock market has generally fallen a lot, so the market value of Exxon Mobil, shell and other companies has been dragged down, and China has withstood the impact, so that PetroChina can take the opportunity to surpass its rivals

Bai Ming, deputy director and researcher of the international market research department of the Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, also said in an interview yesterday, "After the financial crisis, the economies of all countries are facing industrial restructuring, and PetroChina also has the pressure in this regard. However, China is an emerging industrial country, and the overall trend of the economy is upward. As an important support of the national economy, PetroChina's overall upward development trend is bound to be reflected in the oil industry."

he explained to him that after the financial crisis, China's economy has always been in a dominant position. Compared with many countries, its economic situation has been less affected by the economic crisis. Moreover, the central government has implemented a 4trillion market rescue plan, and the entire national economy has been activated

PetroChina cannot enter the world's top 500 without the support of the Chinese government. Bai Ming further pointed out that oil is the pillar industry of the national economy, so it is bound to "get the month first by getting close to the water". Not only PetroChina, Sinopec and others have achieved great development. Moreover, China's oil industry covers a wide range in China. Every gas station can be said to be a tentacle extending to all fields of the national economy. It is more difficult for enterprises from other countries to enter China's oil industry, because they do not have a foothold as PetroChina

among the top ten enterprises, except BHP Billiton group, an Australian mining giant, all are occupied by Chinese and American enterprises, and American enterprises occupy six of them

according to the report, the total market value of the top 500 enterprises in the 2010 Edition reached US $23.5 trillion, an increase of more than half over 2009, and such a large increase is the only in the past 10 years

the summit triggered industrial monopoly disputes

however, it was found yesterday that PetroChina's successful summit brought more abuse. Many friends said that PetroChina's first priority was to extract monopoly profits

yesterday, fengpengcheng, director of the International Investment Research Office of the Institute of international economics at the University of international business and economics, also told that the topping of the resource industry has something to do with the overall environment in the past two years. Due to the financial crisis, the high-tech industry "At the initial stage, enterprises with new business models were hit hard, but this crisis is often good news for resource-based enterprises. Therefore, to a certain extent, it also contributed to PetroChina's ranking first in the world's top 500.

however, he said," I don't think much of this first, because it relies on monopoly, and the profits of such monopoly enterprises are not significantly related to the efforts of enterprises. " In his view, this is not in line with the trend of social development. New business models, business models or high-tech companies are the direction of social development

Bai Ming believes that PetroChina has become an international enterprise step by step, which is not entirely supported by the government. He told that China's oil industry has been actively "going out" and developing overseas in Africa and other places, which effectively ensures the supply of oil products and expands the business scope of PetroChina

more importantly, PetroChina seized a good opportunity to go public. Before the financial crisis, that is, at the end of 2007, PetroChina was listed, which created a good environment for PetroChina to finance and increase funds. "With abundant funds, it is conducive to overcoming the economic crisis. Once the crisis is eased, PetroChina will inevitably take the lead. With the support of relevant national departments, the environment for PetroChina's development is more favorable." Bai Ming told me

it is a trend for Chinese enterprises to become one of the top 500

it is noted that there are 21 enterprises listed in Chinese Mainland in the list of the top 500, all of which are large state-owned or state-controlled enterprises, and the industries cover finance, chemical industry, construction, transportation, etc. The total number of Chinese enterprises (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) on the list this year was 45, slightly lower than 47 last year. The number of enterprises listed on the mainland is also lower than last year's 27. The companies that failed to make the list include Shanghai Electric, Datang International power generation, Zijin Mining and other newcomers on last year's list

the Financial Times' global top 500 is one of the world's authoritative enterprise rankings, which is also known as the Fortune 500. More and more experts said that with the development of China's economy, more and more Chinese enterprises will step on this stage in the future

"more and more Chinese enterprises are among the world's top 500, which should be said to be a trend." Bai Ming told that because China's economy is developing rapidly, the entry of several Chinese enterprises into the world's top 500 is also matched with China's economic strength

however, while many experts unanimously praised the simplicity of operation and other characteristics, they also raised the question of "whether China's corporate governance structure can really be the first in the world". Bai Ming said: "if the government's support for the oil industry is reduced, it is worth asking whether PetroChina can still top the world's top 500."

he told that this reason is like the extra score of the college entrance examination. It is ethnic minorities or Sanhao. When a little 4-block or 4-block polymer produced by the composition is added to the alternating polyethylene and polypropylene segments, students can add scores, which will naturally rank much higher. If it is also a "bare score", what is their competitiveness

in his view, many enterprises in China now rely on "extra points" to get ahead. In the long run, the key is to strengthen our own strength, otherwise the ranking is in vain

Feng Pengcheng told that the first priority of PetroChina is likely to have a negative impact, that is, enterprises do not improve their innovation ability. So the significance of PetroChina ranking first is not great. If Lenovo ranks first, I think it is of great significance and is the pride of the nation

Bai Ming also said that more and more Chinese enterprises are becoming bigger and stronger, but there is still a long way to go. They need to change the traditional production methods in the past, innovate independently, improve the content of science and technology, increase the added value of products, and take the route of energy conservation and environmental protection. These are the directions that Chinese enterprises should strive for

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