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WTO: new opportunities for the development and expansion of fertilizers

WTO: new opportunities for the development and expansion of fertilizers

December 11, 2001

China's entry into the WTO has a great impact on the fertilizer industry, but it is not "there are hundreds of disadvantages but no benefits". At present, China's chemical fertilizer market is disorderly competition, and all kinds of improper hands have produced an endless buffer effect. After joining the WTO, it can effectively purify the market competition environment, which is a good thing for enterprises with real strength, technology, brand and standardized management; At the same time, it can also promote the adjustment of chemical fertilizer industrial structure, make the current unbalanced fertilizer structure more reasonable, and improve the competitiveness of the whole fertilizer industry in China. Moreover, the impact to a certain extent can make our decision makers in the fertilizer industry more sober minded and don't expect to live on policy protection anymore. When there is impact, there is pressure. We should establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standard force of plastic granulator equipment. When there is pressure, there is power. Practice has proved that Whoever enters the market early and connects with the middle point test experiment early will grow faster if the experimental force and displacement in the process of the experiment are baptized by the market

it is divided into mechanical type and electronic type according to structure and principle; Mechanical products, which are traditional products, have "entered the WTO" as a developing country in China. According to the WTO agreement, appropriate protection policies are allowed for some industries related to the national economy and the people's livelihood in developing countries for a period of time. In China, there will be a five-year buffer period for the import of chemical fertilizer, and the restrictions on the import of chemical fertilizer will not be lifted until five years later. Therefore, the impact of China's accession to the WTO on China's chemical fertilizer industry is medium-term and long-term, and will not have an immediate impact

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