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"New Oriental ink" actively participated in the preparation of the national environmental protection ink Standard

New Oriental ink actively participated in the preparation of the national environmental protection ink Standard

obtained the China green environment mark ink product certification certificate at the publicity and implementation meeting

in 2007, Zhejiang New Oriental ink Group Co., Ltd. participated in the preparation of China's first environmental protection ink product standard

at the recently held publicity and implementation of environmental protection ink standards in China's ink industry and the promotion of national green ink product certification, we obtained the China green environmental label ink product certification certificate jointly issued by the science and Technology Department of the State Environmental Protection Administration, the leadership of the certification center of the State Environmental protection administration, and the leadership of the association. At the same time, 8 enterprises including Tianjin Toyo Ink Co., Ltd., HANGHUA ink Chemical Co., Ltd., Chengdu Xinjin Tuozhan Ink Co., Ltd. and Foshan baojule Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. also obtained the certificate

President fanjiaju stressed in an interview that this meeting is of great significance. Green quality, national certification, is an important development direction and way for China's ink industry to standardize the market and implement the green construction of the industry in the future. At present, China's environmental protection ink industry is still in its infancy, up 6.8% month on month. Taking the ink for food packaging as an example, according to statistics, the ink produced by large-scale manufacturers also accounts for more than 60% of the total amount of printing ink. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, the use of benzene solvents in food packaging is absolutely prohibited. Based on the national conditions and the actual situation of enterprises, it is a long way to go to promote the environmental protection ink industry in China. It is gratifying that the majority of enterprises are awakening their awareness of environmental protection. Some advanced enterprises have taken the lead in implementing the environmental protection strategy, and more enterprises are following closely. Today's conference with the theme of publicizing and promoting green ink standards can attract the participation of so many important enterprises, which is the best example. I believe that with the joint efforts of all member units, a good situation of further research and development, production, popularization and promotion of new environmentally friendly inks will be formed nationwide

the implementation of the green ink standard has put forward new tasks, new goals and new requirements for China's future work. Our mission is great and the task is arduous. To do a solid job in the implementation and promotion, and improve the quality of printing ink, manufacturers need to make new contributions to their work with a more exciting spirit, a scientific team, and a simple style. At this meeting, he stressed that the environmental protection of ink can not be achieved by one person or one enterprise. It requires the joint cooperation of all low-cost ink enterprises and the whole ink industry chain. To achieve this goal, each of us has an open mind and a sense of cooperation. As a leading enterprise of gravure packaging ink in China, Zhejiang New Oriental ink group will take the lead and be duty bound. Today is a new starting point for me and New Oriental. In the future, I will strengthen cooperation with you, do my best for the development of China's environmental protection ink industry, jointly promote the development of environmental protection ink industry, and expect to achieve a win-win situation between environmental protection and green product market economy

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