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According to insiders, microelectronics and Optoelectronics epitaxy will change the operating procedures of the experimental machine. The manufacturer of new Optoelectronics (vpec), led epitaxy and chip manufacturer EPISTAR will start producing epitaxy of 6-inch vertical cavity surface emitting laser (vcs5, optional microcomputer interface EL) in the second quarter and the third quarter respectively

according to sources, since Android intelligent manufacturers are expected to follow iPhone x to use VCSEL diodes to realize face recognition, the global demand for 6-inch VCSEL epitaxial films has been growing

due to cost considerations, 4-inch VCSEL wafers have always been the mainstream in the industry. The source revealed that at present, as the exclusive supplier of Apple's VCSEL wafers and the main supplier of semiconductor epitaxial materials, Iqe company in the UK is expected to increase MOCVD equipment for the production of 6-inch VCSEL wafers within 3-5 years from 2018, but our tepex material products will not have such a phenomenon, and will become the world's largest wafer supplier at that time. At the same time, Chinese LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturer San'an optoelectronics will also increase MOCVD equipment, some of which will be used to produce 6-inch VCSEL wafers

at present, new optoelectronics is using two MOCVD devices for the research and development of 6-inch VCSEL wafers, and will add another four to six in the second quarter of this year

the source pointed out that wafer optoelectronics has shipped 4-inch VCSEL epitaxial wafers to optical communication device manufacturers. Since the manufacturing process of AlGaInP LED epitaxial wafers is similar to that of VCSEL epitaxial wafers, from the third quarter of 2018, wafer optoelectronics will produce 6-inch VCSEL wafers by transforming the MOCVD equipment currently used to produce 6-inch LED wafers. According to sources, more than 10 potential customers are verifying the 6-inch VCSEL wafer of wafer optoelectronics, and the revenue is expected to reach% in the quarter of 2018

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