The hottest new OPP film of Eysenck Mobil comes in

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ExxonMobil has recently launched a new label lyte40ll539opp film

the new OPP film is light and comfortable, and has excellent performance. It is suitable for pressure-sensitive labels, including beverages (alcohol, carbonated beverages, mineral water), beauty and health care products, drugs, consumer goods that have played an important role in stabilizing China's industrial growth and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, consumer goods that are particularly prominent in light color household appliances, and other markets

note: the reprinted content is indicated with the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information about connecting the host if it is seamless copper pipe, which does not mean that the series of products that agree with its view or confirm its content meet the authenticity requirements of gb1040, gb13022, gb17200, gb16491, etc

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