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Closely follow the new opportunities for the development of the Belt and Road cold chain logistics enterprises

closely follow the new opportunities for the development of the Belt and Road cold chain logistics enterprises

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2015 is the end of China's "12th Five Year Plan". What is the development status and Prospect of China's cold chain logistics industry? Fan Duanwei, chairman of the Council of China cold chain logistics alliance, felt deeply about this: "the the Belt and Road" has brought new development opportunities to cold chain logistics enterprises. The facilitation of customs clearance such as the "cross-border links" in the free trade zone has led to the improvement of international logistics efficiency. The combination of online and offline has promoted the integration and informatization of e-commerce and trade flows. The "made in China 2025" has led to the transformation of manufacturing industry to mass customization, "Supply side reform" focuses on promoting industrial upgrading and transformation and eliminating backward production capacity. This view was recognized and reached a consensus at the 10th China cold chain logistics annual conference held a few days ago

in 2015, China's cold chain logistics industry used the words of fan Duanwei, chairman of the Council of China cold chain logistics alliance, that is, the first warm is still cold, with mixed feelings. In the period of sluggish growth in most industries, the cold chain logistics industry is still developing, innovating and improving, and the industry is undergoing a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. Fan Duanwei summarized this as: from single point operation to network layout development, from single service to comprehensive service development, from domestic to international development, from offline to online and offline combined development. As a strategic, basic and growing industry, cold chain logistics has more room for development and improvement

data reflect market changes

according to the statistics of the 2015 edition of the national cold chain logistics resource distribution map of China cold chain logistics alliance, in 2015, there were 1000 large-scale enterprises in cold chain logistics, with a total capacity of 26.26 million tons of cold storage, and the number of refrigerated trucks was 99663, an increase of 28% and 42% compared with that in 2014. The total storage capacity of the top 100 cold storage enterprises is 11.78 million tons, of which 26 agricultural approval park enterprises have built their own cold storage 286. Fourth, there are iron filings between the lead screw and the big nut caused by the user's carelessness in the experiment, which squeeze the 10000 tons produced by the big nut, 28 food trading enterprises have built their own cold storage of 2.91 million tons, and 46 third-party cold chain storage enterprises have built their own cold storage of 6million tons. The top 100 cold chain transportation enterprises own 11822 refrigerated trucks, 72 third-party cold chain transportation enterprises own 7013 refrigerated trucks, and 28 food trading and other enterprises own 4809 refrigerated trucks. 33 trunk line transportation enterprises own 5730 vehicles, 35 urban distribution enterprises own 2699 vehicles, and 32 comprehensive cold chain transportation and distribution enterprises own 3393 vehicles. The market scale of fresh e-commerce in 2014 was 26billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 52billion yuan this year. In 2015, the cold chain industry maintained a strong growth momentum

According to reports, on February 2 this year, under the guidance of Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration Dafang needle, Beijing shounong food business center affiliated to Beijing shounong group and Hebei ruigufeng Logistics Group Co., Ltd. jointly invested 26billion yuan to jointly build 10 modern agricultural products logistics parks in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. On April 18, the food cold chain project with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan and 300000 tons started in Guangling, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. It is planned to operate 150000 tons of cold storage within 1-2 years and 300000 tons of cold storage within 3-5 years. On June 24, as one of CITIC's strategic partners, Yurun led its two agricultural cold chain logistics bases in Xi'an, Shaanxi and Chengdu, Sichuan to be successfully selected into the list of CITIC's first batch of key projects for the construction of the "Silk Road Economic Belt". On August 26, Xuzhou Yurun agricultural and sideline products global procurement center with a total investment of more than 12billion yuan was officially unveiled. On August 31, the northeast cold and fresh port project of Dalian port in Liaoning Province was launched, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan and a planned total storage capacity of 700000 tons, which can provide integrated services such as transit, information services and one-stop customs clearance and inspection. Shanghai Zhengming company has changed the traditional heavy asset development mode that attaches importance to vehicle investment, and formulated a three-year investment of more than 30 million yuan to establish a new service system and a cold storage base plan

the total investment of the above major projects is more than 45billion yuan, and the investment of multiple project groups is more than 1billion yuan, indicating that the strategic layout of large food, large circulation and large cold chain is accelerated, and the industry integration is just around the corner

fan Duanwei said that the fast-growing cold chain logistics industry has won the favor of capital, and the capital market is optimistic about the growth and integration opportunities of cold chain logistics as a whole. As an investment intensive, cold chain logistics enterprise whose mode is in the process of exploration, development and change can not do without the support of capital. However, how to make good use of capital, understand the characteristics of different capital covering an area of 8000 square feet, and do a solid job in the healthy development of cold chain logistics is a new topic in front of the cold chain logistics industry and capital

new business forms give birth to new opportunities

among the keywords of the cold chain logistics industry in 2015, the hot ones are "fresh e-commerce", "cross-border fresh e-commerce", "Internet + cold chain". Fan Duanwei believes that these are all representatives of the innovation mode in the industry while the downstream market demand is not improving. The rapid expansion of fresh e-commerce market poses a great challenge to cold chain logistics. The e-commerce thinking based on user experience is very different from the time response of traditional logistics. It is difficult to realize different test modes in the test process of cost control, and the operator can set parameters in the human-machine interface. To this end, the theme of the second world interconnection conference, held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, emphasizes "connectivity, shared governance - building a community with a shared future in cyberspace". Internet freight platforms and express delivery enterprises, which have been fighting hard in the field of general cargo logistics for many years, have entered the cold chain logistics industry to test the water. "Interconnection +" cold chain occurs around people. On December 20, the China South Korea and China Australia free trade agreement came into force and reduced taxes for the first time. On January 1, 2016, taxes will be reduced for the second time. Both sides will benefit from it, and cold chain logistics will also gain new development opportunities. Facing the new opportunities and challenges, in the Internet era, model innovation, resource sharing and win-win cooperation are the basic development models

vicious competition is inevitable

with the rapid growth of the industry and the influx of capital, the cold chain industry has a trend towards vicious competition. The end of the year and the beginning of the year is the most intensive period of cold chain logistics bidding, which means that a new round of vicious competition is inevitable. The reason is that production, commerce, catering and other enterprises have the purpose of reducing the cost of cold chain logistics. Under the condition of service homogeneity, logistics enterprises have the pressure to expand the scale of revenue in order to meet the requirements of capital, resulting in the intensification of the Red Sea phenomenon of cold chain logistics, and logistics profits hovering on the edge of profit and loss. Vicious competition will inevitably lead to the decline and unsustainability of service level, which will eventually hurt the relevant parties of cold chain logistics and directly threaten food safety. In this regard, China cold chain logistics alliance encourages cold chain enterprises to clarify their positioning, strengthen cooperation, innovate and develop according to their respective actual conditions on the basis of strengthening exchanges, so as to realize the sustainable development of enterprises and the healthy development of the industry. The alliance is willing to become a platform for the exchange of experience, entrepreneurs, capital and enterprises in the cold chain industry, and work together to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

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