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This new red punch point is actually a packaging and printing industrial park

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spring in March, grass grows and warblers fly, a good day for spring outing. A few days ago, sponsored by Dongguan Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, television, tourism and sports, "punch in Dongguan - Dongguan red punch point national discovery action", Lijia environmental protection packaging and printing industrial park was shortlisted for selected red punch points. Last year, the Provincial Department of culture and tourism and the Provincial Department of industry and information technology released 20 excellent industrial tourism routes in Guangdong Province, and Lijia environmental protection packaging and printing industrial park was listed as one of the main scenic spots

as an industrial tourism demonstration site in Dongguan, Lijia environmental protection packaging and printing industrial park is located at the bridgehead of Dongguan, which enjoys "China's famous environmental protection packaging town" and "China's famous lotus town". What is the unique charm of this industrial park that can be listed together with famous scenic spots such as Xiegang scenic area of Yinping Mountain Forest Park and Huayang Lake National Wetland Park? What are the delicious and interesting places? Recently, Dongguan came to Qiaotou town to have a look

create a complete industrial tourism operation ecosystem

if you think this is just an industrial park, you are wrong

back in 2014, Lijia International Group, which has made a lot of achievements in a series of transformation and upgrading, such as specialization, diversification, branding and Internet +, decided to spend 680million to build a new environmental protection packaging Industrial Park in Qiaotou, Dongguan. From the "one foot counter" in the 1970s to the "front store and back factory" in the 1990s, from participating in the investment in South China International Industrial raw material city to the establishment of an environmental friendly packaging and printing industrial park, today, we introduce the use and operation points of high-frequency fatigue testing machine. It has always been to dare to subvert the traditional production and management mode and be the first person to eat crabs. In November 2017, a grand opening ceremony was held in Qiaotou town, known as "China's famous environmental protection packaging town", the largest "packaging and printing + Internet" Industrial Park in Guangdong built by Lijia group

this is a distinctive industrial park. It takes printing and papermaking, the four major inventions of China, as the main guide, deepens and carries forward the excellent traditional culture of printing, combines modern creative design culture, and creates a distinctive industrial tourism brand around printing and packaging

entering the lobby of the park, honorary plaques record its growth in recent years: "national high-tech enterprise", "Dongguan primary and secondary school social practice base", "industrial tourism demonstration base", "Municipal Cultural Industry Park", "Dongguan entrepreneurship incubation base", "Dongguan friendly enterprise"...

at present, the industrial park has successfully built a packaging and Printing Museum, Lijia enterprise Museum The exhibition hall of new trends in environmental protection packaging and printing technology, the 3D science and innovation experimental base in Dawan District, the 3D culture and art corridor, and the leisure areas such as the catering area, Jiahu view, cultural and creative sales area, can also carry out characteristic education courses, which can be described as a comprehensive package

in order to let citizens have a better understanding of the packaging and printing industry during their travel, Lijia has carefully planned the packaging and printing production base and built an industrial tourism operation ecology of "considerable (landscape), playable (participation), learnable (knowledge), purchasable (shopping) and leisure (leisure)"

appreciate the beauty of Millennium printing in view and study

tourists go to Lijia, and Lijia packaging and Printing Museum is the first "punch in" point. As the first private packaging and Printing Museum in Dongguan, Lijia packaging and Printing Museum traces the invention of paper, engraving technology and movable type printing with the theme of inheriting the history and culture of Chinese printing; Review Chinese character information processing, Wang Xuan Laser Phototypesetting; Browse digital printing and green packaging, and comprehensively tell the wisdom of printing sages; It shows the holographic image of the technological process of papermaking, from the processes of cutting bamboo and floating pond, boiling enough fire, swinging materials into the curtain, covering the curtain and pressing paper, and baking through fire, highlighting the process of a piece of paper changing the world

curator Ma songmian said that he hoped to carry forward China's excellent traditional culture with the help of the museum, so that every visitor can immersively trace, review and understand the story behind each exhibit with admiration for Chinese culture, so as to stimulate the underlying patriotism and feel confident and proud of Chinese culture, which is also the original intention of Lijia to create the museum

Lijia was founded in 1970 and has been engaged in packaging and printing for more than 51 years. Lijia packaging and Printing Museum is forged from these 51 years of resources, and it is also the second generation of upgrading work of Lijia to establish the museum, which better combines the traditional manufacturing industry with the modern emerging cultural industry. At present, there are nearly 400 exhibits in the museum, including nearly 30 original exhibits of cultural relics value, more than 20 packaging exhibits and 3 international award-winning works according to the relevant articles published in the Journal of modern excellent science report, and some exhibits are provided with the assistance of the China Printing Museum

leave the Printing Museum and come to Lijia enterprise Museum. Looking back on Lijia's entrepreneurial road in the museum is like opening a magnificent historical scroll, which makes people full of passion and emotion. Through this picture, the audience can understand the valuable spirit of entrepreneurs such as Ma Weiwu and Ma Yuxiong, who work hard, work hard and dare to be the first, see the wonderful epitome of the rapid rise and continuous growth of Hong Kong funded enterprises in the mainland after the reform and opening up, and witness the magnificent turn of packaging and printing enterprises leading the trend and successful transformation in the new era. Lijia enterprise pavilion shows the development history of Lijia to the society, with the purpose of encouraging the majority of colleagues, stimulating the high enthusiasm of Chinese descendants to carry forward printing culture and serve the country through industry, and constantly promoting industry upgrading and innovative development

in order to promote the development of green packaging industry, Lijia has also set up a green exhibition and exchange base in the park. It is learned that at present, the packaging design exhibition hall has successfully exhibited more than 30 exhibitions, including the excellent works exhibition of the third China green packaging and safety design creative competition, the International Poster invitation exhibition, the Sixth China Printing award exhibition, the 29th Hong Kong Printing award exhibition, and the 2020 anti novel coronavirus global poster design public welfare collection excellent works tour, deepening the cultural atmosphere of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay area, Created a feast of visual culture

enhance the sense of gain in Ideological and political teaching during playing and shopping

visitors to Lijia environmental protection packaging and printing industrial park can not only "see", but also "touch" and "take away"

at the end of 2019, in Lijia environmental protection packaging and printing industrial park, the scientific and technological innovation platform of "Dawan District 3D scientific and technological innovation experimental base" was successfully constructed. 3D printing technology is of great significance in restoring and preserving history and culture. It can restore the authenticity of cultural relics and record the history of these cultural relics; It can also allow tourists to break through concepts, achieve close contact with cultural relics, and turn a single visual experience into a visible and touchable multi sensory experience

it can be seen in the 3D science and innovation experience museum that the second speed whole-body 3D scanner applied to 3D data acquisition and processing can complete 3D scanning and imaging of the human body in only 1 second; High precision long-distance laser 3D scanner can also quickly complete the scanning and shaping of large buildings and cultural relics. With digital 3D seconds technology and 3D printing technology as the core, it provides advanced 3D display technology, feature explanation, 3D product printing, personalized customization and other services for the public to meet the customization needs of consumers of all ages, hobbies, levels and industries, and let 3D printing enter people's lives

the 3D culture and art gallery matching the experience hall is an art gallery integrating design, art, technology and other elements. The three-dimensional model of 3D printing technology into real objects was displayed, and activities such as 3D creative market, cultural leisure space, children's creative world were regularly held to achieve the effect of "making thinking visible and creativity tangible", so as to make the combination of 3D printing technology and urban art more possible for innovation

bid farewell to the 3D scientific and technological innovation experimental base and come to the southeast of the park to see Jiahu view. It is constructed synchronously with the park, and is composed of central lake, wooden plank road, Lake atrium, koi pond, boat and cloister. The environment is clear and the measurement go data is quiet, the microwave ripples around the corridor, the lake water is crystal clear, and the fish in the pool are exuberant and jumping, which is better than a natural oxygen bar. If you are tired of playing in the industrial park, you can also rest in Jiahu art restaurant and order delicious food to improve your happiness

in order to improve the service quality of industrial tourism, Lijia has specially developed a cultural and creative sales area, so that tourists can also leave a beautiful memorial with Lijia on the way. The overall theme of the cultural and creative area is paper. There are not only traditional artistic elegant calligraphy and painting, but also exquisite cultural and creative handicrafts. In addition, the Park focuses on the theme of printing and packaging to open water absorption: the measurement standard isodpl707 hair ancient paper making, movable type printing, colorful Trojan horse, three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle and other series of characteristic education courses, so as to enhance the practicality and sense of gain of Ideological and political teaching for primary and secondary school students

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