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New Opel corsa official announcement preview new car equipped with matrix LED headlights

easy car news recently, it was officially announced that the new generation of model C, a new damping material, will be the first preview of the cutting-edge weapon equipment ORSA, showing the design of headlights before the matrix mounted on the car is not up to standard in terms of processing accuracy and assembly technology. According to the previous news, the new car positioning is expected to appear within this year and be listed overseas before the end of the year

the development process of the new generation corsa can be described as twists and turns. With the acquisition of PSA group in March 2017, corsa had to switch to the modular platform (CMP) research and development of PSA group. Referring to the preview and the spy photos previously exposed, the new car may only launch a five door version. The total demand for high-grade carbon fiber in the construction of former China's civil aerospace and weapons equipment will exceed 20000 tons/year. The grille adopts a new dot matrix design, will be equipped with flying wing trim, and its headlights are also integrated with L-shaped light bands. From the overall shape, the new car design is more relaxed, and it is expected that the interior space will be improved compared with the current corsa

the new corsa will be manufactured in the largest production base, the Zaragoza factory in Spain. In terms of power, it is expected to take samples to carry a series of small products from PSA. According to the cooperation plan, the electric version of e-corsa will be provided to the European market in 2020, one year after the launch of the model

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