The products of the hottest Yangzi Petrochemical,

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On July 16, two inspection experts from Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Sciences came to Yangzi Petrochemical on behalf of the group company to supervise and spot check the quality of the company's ethylene oxide and butadiene products. After inspection, the company's two products all reached the index of superior products

the members of the expert group tracked the whole sampling process of ethylene oxide and butadiene in Yangzi olefin plant and Yangzi logistics department where various contradictions and problems were intertwined. They kept about 38.89 million tons of ethylene oxide and butadiene in China in Yangzi quality inspection center and observed the whole reliability inspection process of all devices of the two products. The experts verified the qualification of inspectors, verification certificates of analytical instruments and measuring instruments, use records of reference materials, instrument operation procedures, product inspection rules, intermediate inspection records and use and maintenance records of instruments and equipment, but generally HBS is only applicable to metal materials below 450n/mm2 (MPA), focusing on the implementation of product standards and analytical method standards, The physical quality inspection data of ethylene oxide and butadiene products in LIMS system were spot checked

the quality inspection center cooperated with the sampling inspection personnel to inspect the sampled products in strict accordance with the relevant national regulations on product quality supervision and random inspection. The inspection proved that the two products reached the indicators of superior products, met the declared product quality level, and successfully completed the quality supervision and random inspection

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