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The profit of Japan's casting mold industry is not optimistic about the decline situation

in this global environment of rising human costs and raw materials, it seems that the profit of Japan's casting mold industry, which is dominated by precision manufacturing molds, has also declined

in this global environment that makes it easier to operate, labor costs and raw materials are rising, it seems that the profits of Japan's casting mold industry, which mainly focuses on precision manufacturing molds, have also declined

in recent years, due to the rise of raw material prices and the increase of labor costs, as can be seen from table 3, coupled with the impact of the financial crisis and the shrinkage of the global market, the casting mold industry in various countries has been impacted to varying degrees, and the profits of the casting mold industry in various countries have declined

in order to keep profits, Japan's casting mold industry has re arranged its industrial layout. Luobaihui believes that Japan's casting mold industry is gradually shifting the casting molds with low technical content that should be repaired or replaced in time to areas with low labor cost, such as India, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries, while Japan only produces products with high technical content. Through the adjustment of industrial structure, Japan has accelerated the transfer of low-tech and high-cost casting mold enterprises to foreign countries, reducing the number of low-end casting molds in Japan, while the added value of its domestic high-precision casting mold industry is very high, so the profit of Japan's domestic casting mold industry has not decreased

at present, China has always been known as a manufacturing power rather than a manufacturing power, because most of China's industrial products are still based on low-end industries, and there are still many deficiencies in high-end industries. China has become Japan's largest trading partner, while Japan is China's third largest trading partner. In the mold market, China is also an important exporter of Japan. Moreover, as China moves towards a manufacturing power, precision equipment is indispensable. In order to maintain the good operation of these equipment, precision casting parts are also indispensable. Then the Chinese manufacturing market contains an important casting mold market. Therefore, luobaihui believes that Japan's casting mold will maintain a high-speed development momentum in the future under the stimulation of China's manufacturing market

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