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The profit margin of accessories is too high: the wholesale of 100 yuan film is only a few cents

at present, the main material of most solar cells covered on the roof is silicon. It has long been an open secret that the profit margin of accessories is much higher than itself. However, I am afraid that few consumers know how high it is. Recently, taking the film and shell as an example, I visited the large and small markets in Beijing, from wholesale markets and hawker shops to large stores and Apple authorized stores, revealing the amazing value-added process of accessories

retail market

the price difference of the same accessories is several times

the most basic sales place for film and shell, and it is a small vendor that can be seen everywhere on the roadside. The price of HD film is 15 yuan for single paste, double for double paste, and 25 yuan for frosted film, which is a common quotation. Ms. Yang, who set up a stall on the overpass, said: the membrane I use is the same as that in the mall, but the price is much cheaper. If I use a bad membrane, no one will come to me again

when you arrive at a large chain store, the value of the film immediately rises. Apple HD film is 88 yuan, frosted film is 98 yuan, and diamond film is 168 yuan. This is the quotation of a chain store. What's more, it was found in the authorized Apple store in Chaoyang joy city that the price of Apple double paste HD and matte film, which are the same as those in the vendor's packaging, has become 384 yuan, and the diamond film is as high as 480 yuan. Are you ready? Yuan, but now it is sold at half price under the banner of summer promotion

like membrane, the price of shell also jumps three levels. The prices of Apple shells sold by roadside vendors are generally between 15 yuan and 35 yuan, and a few expensive ones are between 50 yuan and 80 yuan; In chain stores, the cheapest Apple shell is 88 yuan and the most expensive is 398 yuan; In the authorized Apple stores in Chaoyang Joy City, the cheapest Apple shell is 198 yuan, and the most expensive is more than 500 yuan

is the great difference in price due to different quality? A seller who has been operating accessories on Taobao for many years told me that there are some differences in the quality of different membranes and shells, but the cost gap is definitely not as exaggerated as the price. The clerk of the authorized Apple store in Chaoyang Joy City also admitted that the film and shell printed with the original words of apple in the store are deceptive, and apple does not produce film and shell

wholesale market

only a few cents for 100 yuan film wholesale

what is the real purchase price of various films and shells in the market? The shopkeeper surnamed Li of Taobao, who is engaged in parts wholesale, revealed the secret: the minimum purchase price of the membrane is a few cents, and the expensive one is generally no more than 5 yuan. The most expensive so-called original imported membrane is actually produced by a manufacturer designated by apple, and the purchase price is only a dozen yuan. As for shell, the cheapest purchase price is only a few cents, most of which are between 5 yuan and 20 yuan, and the most expensive Apple shell is about 100 yuan

according to the guidance of people in Yucheng who are planning to invest in Yucheng next year, I came to fangshitong science and Technology Plaza in Muxiyuan, which is one of the main channels for parts retailers and even franchised stores in Beijing, and also the main source of parts in North China. Films and shells previously seen in stores and specialty stores can be found in these wholesale stores

I was surprised to find that in this market, the wholesale price of Apple HD and matte film is only 0.7 yuan, diamond film is 3 yuan and 3D film is 5 yuan. If the one-time wholesale quantity is large, it can be cheaper. From this point of view, even for roadside vendors, the film also has about 20 times of profits, while the profits of stores reach 50 to 60 times, while the profits of franchised stores reach more than 100 times

shells are the same. The purchase price here is only 10 yuan, which is similar to the candy colored alloy shells sold at the authorized Apple store in Chaoyang Joy City at 168 yuan; The wholesale price of the 498 yuan drill shell here is only 45 yuan. In a store that specializes in wholesale of Apple shells, I asked the wholesale price of the collections hand-made color carved shells sold at the exclusive store for 598 yuan. The seller said that this kind of shell was produced by Apple's designated manufacturer, and the lowest price is 80 yuan

consumption tips

it is not necessary to apply a film

you have to apply a film to protect the screen after you buy it. The frosted film can prevent fingerprints, the diamond film can meet the girls' psychology of loving beauty, and the 3D film is indeed three-dimensional and should be judged as unqualified. In the authorized Apple store in Joy City, Chaoyang, the clerk worked hard to introduce the benefits of the film to customers

are films and shells necessary for? The product manager of a famous brand gave a negative answer. According to his introduction, the screens used by the large screens in the market are basically subject to special tempering treatment, especially the Corning gorilla screen, which is widely used in the high-end market. Its own hardness is very high, that is, it will not leave a mark when scraping with a key. Therefore, it is not necessary to protect the screen with a film. On the contrary, the film will affect the display effect and touch sensitivity of the screen. At the same time, it may also increase the fatigue of eyes watching the screen. The frosted film can avoid leaving fingerprints on the screen. It also has some functions for consumers who especially love cleanliness. Other diamond films and 3D films are gimmicks. The shell is simply to add some personality elements. Whether it is worth spending a lot of money depends on personal preferences

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