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How to make home warmer with warm family love and comfortable furniture touch? Spring dressing can best create a comfortable and warm home. Let's take a look at the decoration design of this 39 square meter small house below with Xiaobian, so that the small home can also have material

strategy 1: make the picture frame background wall with rich walls

a white apartment with extremely bright walls. The walls are particularly white. If you don't add something, it will appear too monotonous. The selected photo frame background wall simply fills the blank walls on both sides of the sofa with highlights. Different posting methods and rich color choices radiate the concise artistic beauty and infinite vitality of the small apartment

strategy 2: carefully decorated small corner

the aisle wall connecting the bedroom and kitchen leaves such a small wall. For small family, such a small place cannot be missed. After a little decoration, this small corner with the same function and decoration brings infinite convenience to the family

strategy 3: spacious white kitchen

although there is only a small space of 56 square meters, the space of the kitchen is not stingy. The atmospheric cabinet layout and the operating desks are located on both sides of the kitchen. The combination of white cabinets and dark countertops makes the kitchen feel fresh and mixed with a sense of calm

strategy 4: fresh bathroom that does not forget the green

the space of the bathroom is very small, but the design is very exquisite, especially the carefully selected wall tiles, the positive and oblique pasting method, the beautiful waist line for segmentation, and the small washing machine are also ingenious. And the small bathroom does not forget the green, scattered in every corner of the small potted plants, so that the sense of freshness can be fully revealed




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