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"Rome wasn't built in a day, and it wasn't a day's work to wear water through stone". This is precisely relying on the persistence and bit by bit accumulation of countless friends around the world, precipitating their own energy

bamboo has grown by only 3 cm in four years.

from the fifth year, it has grown rapidly at the rate of 30 cm per day.

it has grown to 15 meters in just six weeks

in fact, in the previous four years,

bamboo roots silently extended hundreds of square meters in the soil

bamboo is still like this, so is being a man and doing things

don't worry that your efforts at this moment won't be rewarded,

because your efforts at this moment are just to take root

life needs to reserve energy. How many people haven't survived the "three centimeters"

the same is true of brand and life. The silent "three centimeters" behind it is not only the cultivation of being a man, but also the foundation of a strong brand. "Ten years of trees, a hundred years of people", the precipitation and accumulation of an excellent brand also requires unremitting persistence and "perseverance" of three centimeters. Shiyou has grown from a reckless brand at the beginning of its establishment to an excellent brand with a market value of 11.658 billion yuan. From a toddler to a household name today, "Rome wasn't built in a day, and dripping water through stones wasn't built in a day". This is precisely relying on the persistence and accumulation of countless days and nights of Shiyou, which precipitates its own energy. For a long time, Shiyou wooden door has been studying quality, reputation and culture carefully for the sake of brand accumulation and laying a solid foundation for rapid expansion. That "three centimeters" is the indestructible deep foundation of Shiyou wooden door

"three centimeters" is the fine grinding of quality

how to make a piece of stiff wood into a wooden door with a temperature of home, with beautiful and fashionable color, changeable shapes, and multiple effects of sound insulation, environmental protection, stability, durability, etc., to meet different forms of expression of different owners' pursuit of a beautiful life, to bring comfortable experience to the owner, and to convey the owner's elegant temperament and taste... These will be reflected in quality, As a customized product, the brand building of wooden doors needs to be as delicate and demanding as the process of turning wood into furniture. Trustworthy quality is one of the core competitiveness of Shiyou brand

"three centimeters" is the precipitation of reputation

with the formation of different forms of expression of the owner's pursuit of quality of life, the personalized customized home furnishing industry came into being, and new customized home furnishing enterprises have sprung up. "The world is bustling, all for benefit; the world is bustling, all for benefit." The product market in the industry is full of chaos, so it is particularly important to adhere to the brand guidelines and reputation. Shiyou wooden door implements the development concept of "customer-centered", and interprets its love and dedication to wooden door with "focus". Think about what customers want and worry about, adhere to protecting the interests of customers from the source, and provide customers with "one-stop" 5A level services from sales, production, after-sales service, etc. Provide customers with a more comfortable product experience and win public praise

"three centimeters" is the shaping of culture

making a brand is like building a personality. Shiyou wooden door not only conveys trustworthy product quality, but also the best embodiment of Shiyou's excellent values. Shiyou wooden door pays attention to the precipitation and shaping of home culture, makes the cold home into a warm home culture, and adheres to the inheritance of high-quality products and the building of high-grade wooden doors. We should use the wisdom of Oriental people and the sparks of the heavy and rigorous humanistic spirit of the European Renaissance to reflect the connotation in uniqueness, sublimate the taste in nature, and innovate through the inheritance of eastern and Western cultures and the taste of people in our time. Although the personalized home reflects the different expressions of different owners for a better life, what each owner can deeply feel is the strong cultural heritage and value of shiyoumumen




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