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Japanese media: China will become the world's largest demand country for industrial robots

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the Japanese economy predicted on February 12 that China will become the world's largest demand country for industrial robots in 2015. Although there are problems such as high labor costs and insufficient manpower, it seems that Chinese enterprises introduce robots not only to replace manual operations. Affected by the one-child policy, the process of fewer children and higher education continues to advance, and young people are more and more unwilling to do a job with a salary of 3000 yuan. In this context, robots also bear the important task of attracting excellent young people to factories and manufacturing industries

if young people are allowed to use and manage robots, they must be motivated, said the operator of a metal processing factory that is introducing robots in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. Although the main purpose is to reduce labor costs, ensure product quality and improve production efficiency, robots can also change the corporate image and atmosphere

post-90s Chinese young people like the IT industry and service industry, and are unwilling to engage in manual labor and simple work. Even if the factory raises wages, it is difficult to recruit young people, and it often happens that they resign after less than three months

what will happen after the factory introduces the most cutting-edge robots? One operator said that as a high-tech enterprise with technology content, it can highlight the differences with other enterprises

the more excellent young people are, the more willing they are to engage in challenging jobs in high-tech enterprises with the largest scope and the highest market share. In China, compared with the popularity of robots, there is a shortage of technicians. Mastering technology and experience is not easy. Nowadays, technicians are one of the hottest occupations

an executive of an auto parts manufacturer in Shanghai said: even if robots are introduced, there will be no immediate reduction in manpower. Employees will be required to master the technology of manipulating robots. If you can't do it, you will be persuaded to retreat. The company expects robots to help improve the ability of employees Joint coating of anticorrosive material (heat shrinkable tape): tensile strength, elongation at break, polarity

of course, the new generation of information technology industry introduced by robots should focus on strategic and leading industries such as software, integrated circuits, new displays, cloud computing, big data, virtual displays, green computing, artificial intelligence and intelligent hardware; The new material industry should strive to break through a batch of advanced basic materials such as advanced steel materials and petrochemical materials urgently needed in key utilization fields. The more advanced basic materials, the less labor demand will be. However, the demand for talents capable of operating robots will increase. With the advancement of automation, factories are expected to become a popular workplace for Chinese young people. This day may not be long

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