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Japanese machinery giants have strengthened their efforts to explore the mining machinery market

according to the report of "Japanese rookie launched" intelligent packaging algorithm technology "Benjing, Japanese machinery giants have strengthened their efforts to explore the mining machinery market. Komatsu plans to introduce a super large driverless tipper truck with a load capacity of 100 tons controlled by the global positioning system (GPS) in Indonesia in three years, and is currently in trial operation in Kalimantan island. This is Komatsu's third mine in the world to use an driverless tipper truck, and it is also the world's first mechanically driven tipper truck using a gear transmission. This driverless tipper truck can not only solve the shortage of high-tech drivers, but also prevent the danger of working at heights. In addition to Indonesia, Komatsu also received additional orders from Rio Tinto for 1500 driverless tipper trucks in Australia, with a total amount of billion yen

Hitachi construction machinery believes that the resource demand of emerging countries will continue to grow rapidly. Duanxiaoping believes that it plans to increase the global market share of Tipper trucks from less than 10% to 30% by 2018. At present, the company is cooperating with Canada to expand production capacity. In open-pit mines, a super large oil mine surface stripper needs a tipper truck to cooperate with the team. The key to determining the output is the mine surface stripper. Generally speaking, using the same brand of mine surface stripper and tipper truck can save costs. Hitachi construction machinery ranks first in the field of ton super large mine 2. Force application system mountain surface stripping machine in the world. It is not impossible to take this advantage to develop the tipper truck market together

as Komatsu and caterpillar will be widely used in construction in the future, and the three giants of Hitachi construction machinery will compete fiercely in the mining machinery market, China's Sany Heavy Industry also showed great interest in this market. In the future, the competition in the global mining machinery market will become increasingly fierce

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