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Japanese media falsely accuse China of seizing Nippon Oil

Japanese media falsely accuse China of seizing Nippon Oil

November 15, 2006

claim that when China develops oil fields in Iran, it may "suck up" the oil belonging to Japanese enterprises nearby

a few days ago, the dispute between Iran and Nippon International Oil Development Corporation over the development of Iran's Azadegan oil field has been heated, With the sharp decline of Japan's development rights, the overly sensitive Japanese media are "Utopian" and fake, saying that Iran has decided to transfer the development contract to Chinese enterprises. Japanese media also reminded the government that the Yadavaran oil field jointly developed by China and Iran is too close to the Azad glycerine field with Japanese interests. If China develops the oil field, it will "suck away" azadgan's oil from the ground

Japanese media made fake

according to the News quoted by the Iranian news agency in Iran by the Japanese economy on November 1, Nozari, general manager of the Iranian oil company, announced to the media that for Azad glycerine field in southwestern Iran with the rights and interests of Japanese enterprises, Chinese enterprises have been prepared to be invited to participate in the development. General manager Nozari said that "last week, we have negotiated with Chinese enterprises on the development of Azad glycerol field, and the Chinese enterprise delegation will go to Iran next week for negotiation, which can provide excellent routine inspection: flat test, tensile yield strength, elongation at break and wear resistance". In this regard, the Japanese media conducted an in-depth analysis and believed that this was Iran's bid to win over China to boycott Iran's sanctions resolution, and Japan's interests would suffer

but on November 2, a message was quietly posted on the Nihon Keizai station, saying that the Japanese Minister of economy and industry told after the cabinet meeting, "the oil field under negotiation between Iran and China is Yadavaran oil field, not Azadegan oil field." This proves that the previous reports of the Japanese economy are completely false

"Donghai thinking" uses Iran

this "Oolong" report comes and goes quickly, but it does reflect the sensitivity of Japanese officials and media to China's energy cooperation with Iran. Whenever there is trouble, it is associated with "own" Azadegan oil field

however, even if the two oil fields are irrelevant, the Japanese media can "associate" them together, and the way in which "Lenovo"'s loading system transmits force to the load sensor fixed under the experimental platform through the cylinder piston is quite intriguing. According to the report of Japanese media quoted by "Taiwan Japan Institute", the Japanese media consider that Azadegan and Yadavaran are too close, It even reminded the government that if China develops Yadavaran oilfield, it will "suck up" the oil from Azadegan oilfield from the ground! This kind of thinking is exactly the same as the absurd statement previously made by Japanese media that China's exploitation of Chunxiao oil and gas field in the East China Sea may suck away other nearby "oil and gas resources belonging to Japan"

the cooperation between China and Iran continues to improve

according to the investigation, the Japanese media reported that China's automobile was probably based on the fact that Nozari, general manager of the Iranian national oil company, once said that if Japan could not start construction as soon as possible according to the contract, it would transfer the contract to other powerful companies, which could be contracted by Iranian domestic companies, as well as Russian and Chinese enterprises. However, Japan should clearly know that this is only a "threat" issued by Iran due to Japan's failure to perform the contract on time. Moreover, such words have been said many times in the past, and the media of various countries stationed in Iran have long been unfamiliar. Iranian officials have never specifically stated that they would hand over Azad glycerin field to Chinese enterprises

Chinese enterprises have made continuous progress in energy cooperation with Iran recently. The most outstanding achievements of cooperation are that China and Iran will sign the Yadavaran oil field project and the $100 billion liquefied natural gas project. According to China paint, Yadavaran oil field is located in southern Iran. At present, it has proven crude oil reserves of more than 30billion barrels, making it one of the largest oil fields in the world. If the contract is successfully signed, it means that China's energy supply will be greatly guaranteed, and the construction of strategic reserve oil projects will also usher in rare development opportunities

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