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Japanese media: China's promotion of plastic waste treatment brings new business opportunities

on July 23, Japanese media said that China is vigorously promoting plastic waste treatment measures, and getting rid of plastic waste and recycling means new business opportunities

according to the operating profit margin of 5% in July 24 of the economist weekly, the goal of "zero emission of marine plastic waste" was adopted at the G20 summit in Osaka in 2019, which also triggered a heated discussion in China, which is proposing to build an ecological civilization

it is reported that Taiwan, as a leading region in plastic waste treatment in Asia, has attracted attention. In February, 2018, Taiwan announced a plan to reduce marine garbage, which will restrict the use of disposable plastic bags, food containers, cups and straws in stages, and will completely ban them by 2030

this has also attracted attention in Chinese Mainland. The station of China Plastics Processing Industry Association forwarded the notice of Taiwan on "banning plastic straws to bring new business opportunities to polylactic acid (PLA)". Dagong also published a report entitled "a straw stirs Taiwan society", detailing the hot debate surrounding Taiwan's restrictive measures

according to the calculation of American research institutions, as of 2014, China's good lubrication can take away the heat generated by friction. The annual waste plastic containers and packaging have reached about 40million tons, close to three times that of the United States. About 30 kg per capita, close to the level of Japan and the European Union

it is reported that under such a background, China has begun to ban the import of waste plastics in recent years, and has stepped up the improvement of the system to improve the recycling rate

the report points out that the bigger problem facing China today is the surge of plastic waste caused by the continuous and rapid growth of shopping, express delivery and takeout. In 2008, Jinan Shiji Experimental Machine Technology Co., Ltd. reminded you that since loading to a certain load, China has banned the use of ultra-thin plastic bags that are extremely fragile, and implemented a plastic bag charging system in some retail enterprises. However, these measures have not achieved significant results, and the emerging waste sources are even more troublesome

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