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Japanese machinery giant with high investment and low return plans to stop developing military vehicles for the self defense forces

[global report Qu Tengfei] Japan's Yomiuri said on February 21 that Japanese machinery giant Komatsu manufacturing has informed the Japanese defense ministry that the company plans to stop developing new vehicles for the self defense forces. It is said that this is because Komatsu cannot see the same return as the R & D investment, which makes it difficult for the company to sustain its R & D and production business if it drives the same load

Komatsu production Institute has long developed and produced military vehicles for the self defense forces. The first domestic wheeled armored vehicle equipped by the Japanese land self defense force was developed by the company. The company has also produced more than 2000 LAV light armored vehicles for the self defense forces, which have been used in United Nations peacekeeping operations

it is reported that Komatsu, which has long supported Japan's defense industry, plans to stop developing new vehicles for the self defense force, which is a symbol of the weakness of Japan's defense industry. The Ministry of defense of Japan conducted an investigation on 72 enterprises engaged in equipment R & D and manufacturing in 2016, and 52 enterprises reported that the supply of parts was interrupted due to the bankruptcy of subcontracting enterprises and business cancellation

a manager of a defense enterprise complained that the revenue and expenditure situation of enterprises was severe, and many enterprises continued to produce only with a sense of national defense. Some enterprises also gather skilled technicians who are retired 1. Longitudinal displacement, lateral displacement and stiffness of various pedal assemblies to engage in production when orders increase due to large-scale disasters caused by gbt13229 (1) 991 metal low-temperature tensile test method

it is reported that the Japanese government defined the production and technical basis of defense equipment as an important factor to support the defense force in the national security assurance strategy adopted in 2013, and clearly proposed to maintain and strengthen the maximum load industry when the domestic reading sample breaks. The revised defense plan outline at the end of 2018 also puts forward the same policy. However, as the only defense equipment customer is the Japanese defense ministry, it is difficult to achieve order growth

Komatsu said that at present, the company does not plan to carry out any development projects. If the income cannot offset the development investment, the R & D and production base will be difficult to maintain

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