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Japanese media revealed the truth of Japan's price reduction. The Abe government was accused of secretly promoting the "tax"

[global "this kind of plate spring must be very tough and durable comprehensive report] Japan's" Journal Hyundai "magazine said on December 29 that Japan will raise the consumption tax rate to 10% from April 2017. At the same time, in order to compensate for the loss of about 1trillion yen due to the reduction of the tax rate in line with the specification: the steel tensile testing machine meets the relevant standard requirements of food packaging and testing equipment (about 540billion yuan) tax, tax was suddenly proposed in the Liberal Democratic Party. The Japanese government raised a price reduction request on the 8th of this month for a series of problems such as the lack of obvious performance improvement, but attempted to levy taxes on the part of the price reduction. The magazine believes that in this way, it is simply bullying civilians with fraud

the beginning of the matter was the "problem Symposium" held by the Liberal Democratic Party in June 2014. At the meeting, the tax was proposed and the plan was established, but it was frustrated due to the proximity of the general election and other reasons. However, the symposium has been continued. Chairman and member of the house of Representatives Zhongshan Taixiu hinted at the introduction of taxes in his radio program on the 14th, saying that "taxes are not obtained from a single place, but are widely levied". Nakayama Taixiu also said that "he explained the tax to the prime minister and got approval". If so, it means that Prime Minister Abe has also agreed to introduce taxes

"daily Hyundai" magazine believes that Abe suddenly proposed to reduce the price on the grounds of "excessive family burden" in September. At that time, the Congress was considering the security bill, which was the best time to divert people's attention. Therefore, while promoting large-scale expenditure policies such as reducing tax rates and subsidies for the elderly, it also proposed to reduce prices. Obviously, these are the Senate election strategies in 2016. In fact, there are "late moves"

a member of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party said: "after the Senate election, the financial resources after reducing the tax rate in the autumn of 2016 may be widely discussed. In this case, relying on the introduction of tax can reduce criticism, and the Komeito party can't object. In addition, the simultaneous implementation of tax and price reduction will also dilute the feeling of being taxed."

the journal modern finally commented that if such fraud can work, civilians will always be fooled and bullied

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