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The application of anti pollution system in shallow water mobile platform -- the current situation and development trend of marine anti pollution technology at home and abroad (I)

at present, the world's offshore oil and gas industry has become an important field of the new technological revolution and plays an increasingly important role in economic development. At the same time, the threat to the marine environment caused by the pollution generated in the process of drilling formation and oil and gas exploitation has also attracted great attention from all walks of life at home and abroad. A series of laws, regulations and standards related to marine environmental protection have been formulated, and the development of pollution prevention devices and the research and design of platform pollution prevention system have been actively carried out

common anti pollution devices on offshore exploration and development platforms or facilities include: bilge oil and sewage separation equipment and oil concentration monitor, domestic sewage treatment device, marine incinerator, etc

the bilge oil sewage separation equipment uses the difference of oil content as the target specific gravity to separate the oil droplets in the oil sewage from water through the polymerization element, so as to achieve the purpose of oil separation

whether the water separated by the bilge oil sewage separation equipment meets the discharge standard is guaranteed by the oil concentration controller. The domestic gqs-177 oil concentration meter uses ultrasonic to emulsify the oil in the water, and then measures the scattered light difference before and after emulsification to obtain the oil content in the water. Odme663mk II instrument made in France is equipped with infrared oil detector, automatic cleaning device and self correction device. When transmitting infrared beam, it can automatically compensate the transmission error caused by the concentration change of oil and solid suspended solids. Its compensation function is completed through a compensation element in front of the laser diode whose content of many pages is not often changed. In addition, a refractor is installed between the monitoring element and the light source to give priority to receiving the infrared beam caused by oil dispersion (relative to solid suspension). At present, the oil concentration monitor is developing in the direction of improving resolution accuracy, automation and reliability

for the treatment of production sewage (formation water extracted from the formation with crude oil in the process of crude oil production), the corrugated plate separator and induced gas floating method were the most widely used in the past. Since the mid-1980s, hydrocyclone has been used abroad. Hydrocyclone has the advantages of compact structure, large processing capacity, high oil removal efficiency and good treatment effect. It is an efficient treatment method with an excellent yield of 1085 points down by 0.18%

in recent years, a large number of experts and scholars at home and abroad have been committed to the problem and research of reinjection of waste fluid and rock cuttings from offshore drilling. They agree that reinjection formation is a good method to deal with a large number of waste fluid and rock cuttings and protect the marine environment, and has achieved remarkable results

there are many domestic and foreign manufacturers of domestic sewage treatment devices, which basically adopt biochemical method, physicochemical method, beating and emulsification, biofilm with soft filler and other technologies

there are three forms of incinerators, namely, a multi-functional incinerator that burns solid substances or waste oil sludge alone, burns waste oil dirt and solid waste, and can burn both waste oil sludge wastewater sludge and solid waste

at the same time of in-depth research on the general anti pollution device technology, combined with the characteristics of offshore oil exploration and development, the research on production sewage treatment, oil spill recovery, blowout prevention and oil spill prevention, drilling cuttings treatment or reinjection, cumulative damage to components, natural gas recovery and utilization and other technologies has also attracted great attention. Marine pollution prevention technology is developing in the direction of systematization and intelligence, so that marine pollution prevention technology is closely combined with improving the safety and economic benefits of offshore oil exploration and development, and complement each other

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