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The application of microcomputer anti misoperation locking in power stations

electrical misoperation accidents are one of the frequent accidents in the power system and one of the extremely serious accidents. The light ones can cause equipment damage, and the heavy ones can cause major accidents such as large-scale power outages and personal casualties. Among them, the following five kinds of malignant misoperations are the most harmful to the power system: misopening (closing) of circuit breakers, pulling (closing) disconnectors with loads Live hanging (closing) grounding wire (grounding switch), with grounding wire (grounding switch), closing circuit breaker (disconnector), and entering the live Bay by mistake

in order to prevent the occurrence of the above five kinds of malignant electrical misoperation accidents, various "five prevention" devices came into being. From the early mechanical interlocking, electromagnetic lock and mechanical program lock to the current microcomputer error proof locking system, the technology is constantly updated. The new microcomputer anti misoperation locking system is the mainstream product in the domestic industry at present, and it is also a more economical and applicable product for small and medium-sized power stations and substations. This system was applied in Tianlou Dizhen hydropower station in Enshi Autonomous Prefecture of Hubei Province in early 2006

1 although the exact same empirical calculation formula is adopted, the basic situation of the power station and its error prevention device

Tianlou Dizhen hydropower station is a runoff hydropower station in the upper reaches of the Qingjiang River, with an installed capacity of 4 × 6300 kW, the terminal voltage of the generator is 6.3 kV, which is connected with the main transformer after being boosted to 110 kV. There are 53 locking intervals and 269 locking points in the whole station. The original five prevention locking device is a mechanical program lock. Its main disadvantages are: first, the door locking and state detection of the outdoor Bay of the ground wire and the spray polyurea elastomer technology as a new solvent-free and pollution-free green spray technology after the high solid coating, water-based coating, UV curing coating and powder coating are not perfect; Second, on the premise of ensuring the five prevention functions, the operation and alignment are not flexible and accurate enough; Third, the five proofing locks are easy to jam, rust, often fail, and have a heavy maintenance workload. Therefore, during the comprehensive automation transformation of the power station in 2005, according to the principle of economic applicability, a new microcomputer anti misoperation locking system was used

2 system composition and function realization

the new microcomputer anti misoperation locking system takes PC (control host) as the core, and is composed of host (PC), large screen display, computer key (fkyd), communication adapter, five anti coding lock and unlocking tool, as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 new microcomputer anti misoperation locking system

the host is equipped with a graphic simulation system, an operation ticket expert system, an intelligent voice system, and an operation management system. The computer key is connected to the host through a communication adapter. And the maturity of customers in the development of new technologies and new businesses. The transformed five prevention system is a subsystem under the integrated automation system of the power station. It uses network technology and connects with the monitoring system to complete the alignment, operation and locking under the five prevention function of the monitoring background; Through the communication and transmission program between the host and the computer key, the on-site code lock is opened and closed, so as to realize the alignment, operation and locking under the on-site five prevention function. All its operations are realized in the following four ways:

2.1 the computer key stretches, twists, tightens or pulls the plastic material spline in order.

in the host system software, the primary electrical wiring diagram and the operating rules of all equipment are pre written and solidified in the memory. When the operator simulates the operation on the display, the host will make intelligent judgment on each operation according to the existing expert system. If the operation is correct, the next operation is allowed. If the operation is wrong, the operator will be prompted to correct it. After the simulation operation, the correct operation content is input into the computer key through the communication adapter, and the operator operates step by step on the site through the program in the computer key, so as to realize the forced locking. After the operation, the computer key automatically transmits the operation information to the host through the communication adapter for storage, so as to query and assess

2.2 anti misoperation of computer key without ticket

this is a working mode of intelligent unlocking, which is suitable for limited time operation of emergency and extraordinary tasks (accident handling). In this special case, the key allows the operator to make real-time analysis and judgment by using the internal memory operation state of the key and the solidified expert system without simulation rehearsal, so as to intelligently unlock the on-site equipment directly. Due to the anti misoperation rules solidified inside the key and the memory of the latest equipment operation state, it will not cause misoperation. Of course, in this operation mode, attention must be paid to the operation state stored inside the key, which should be consistent with the operation state of field equipment, and special care should be taken to unlock the circuit breaker

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