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How can Chinese fiber enterprises give full play to the performance of spandex to "improve themselves"

the development of the industry cannot be separated from the promotion of enterprises, and the market demand cannot be separated from the production of enterprises. Therefore, there is a fixed "law" for the survival of each enterprise. For the chemical fiber industry, the driving force of development is the demand of the market, which needs to be provided by enterprises. But for spandex, a single kinetic energy fiber, how can enterprises play its role to improve "themselves" and increase the total production? For this question, we have invited industry survey experts from China's chemical fiber industry to answer in detail

in recent years, with the development of the chemical fiber industry, the clothing of fiber fabrics does not need a cumbersome assembly process, which has become popular among consumers, but this is only a superficial phenomenon. According to the survey, some fibers are popular, while some fibers are sold frequently, including spandex. In Baidu Encyclopedia, we can learn that spandex is a single functional fiber, and its function lies in its strong elasticity. And in the application of clothing, it is used for women more, and men's clothing is used less. The reasons can be divided into the following points:

first, comfort

spandex is a kind of fiber, which has strong comfort in clothing and is deeply loved by women, because women's clothes or underwear manufacturers in China like close fitting fabrics. This is why spandex has a great advantage in market competition, but these are only for women. If you want to fully open the spandex market and help enterprises improve sales, you need to strengthen the use of the original underwear, sportswear, clothing, etc., so that spandex can be embodied in more products. However, if the re reference measures are taken in advance (for example,

II. Stretchability

when it comes to stretching, it is actually the strength of elasticity. In life, we have seen many elastic products, such as pants, sportswear, socks, swimsuits, etc., which are common clothing products with strong elasticity. The reason why these products are elastic is that a functional fiber such as spandex is added in the production process, although the function of this fiber is relatively simple 1、 But in a world surrounded by fashion elements, it is precisely because of the elasticity of such a fabric that more popular elements continue to emerge

III. no aging

for this kind of fiber, the reason why it is single and has no characteristics is that the product cannot be used alone, and must be woven with other fibers or textile fabrics. After investigation, it is found that the fabric mixed with spandex is different from other fibers - it is not aging, and it is not easy to change with the passage of time due to external factors. However, long-term exposure to sunlight or chlorine bleach will also fade, and the degree of fading is related to the type of spandex, with great differences. This is good and bad for the development of spandex. There are also certain obstacles to development, so better upgrading spandex is the most critical step for enterprises to improve themselves at present. At the same time, we also hope to help fiber enterprises develop better through analysis

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