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Managers, how to become (exceed) spiritual leaders

in 2001, Skyworth's "luhuaqiang incident" trapped the enterprise for a while, and Huang Hongsheng saved the market with grief; At the beginning of the year, Tiens Luo Chao left, and there were countless battles in the industry. Li Jinyuan has been greatly injured... Entrepreneurs and managers, often coupled with frequent military coups, cannot become the "spiritual leader" of enterprises, and even the bosses of many private enterprises have become the "target of public criticism" of employees. Where does the cohesion of enterprises come from? How to establish corporate culture? How to realize enterprise development

the "spiritual leaders" of the enterprise include the following people:

first, the founders and leaders of the enterprise. Whether Matsushita Yukiko or Zhang Ruimin, whether Ding Lei or Ren Zhengfei, whether zongqinghou or Zhu Xinli, the development of enterprises is closely related to the decisions of leaders, and entrepreneurs create a blue sky in the market with fearless courage. We call this type of entrepreneur "leader"

II. Senior managers and professional managers. This kind of people also made great contributions to the development of enterprises, and became the driving force of enterprise development with their distinctive personality and management style. This kind of people often face great market pressure and professional pressure, but their achievements are also obvious to all. With excellent performance and performance, they become the idols and "spiritual leaders" of enterprises that have a great relationship between flow marks and welding lines and product design and mold design. For example, Dong Mingzhu and WAN Mingjian

III. The main founder of corporate culture. Because many bosses belong to investors or laymen, they often hire external brain to improve various mechanisms of the enterprise, so that some people who participate in enterprise decision-making are widely respected by the enterprise. For example, Luo Chao of Tiens

of course, the "spiritual leader" of an enterprise must have two characteristics, namely, management ability and personality charm, both of which are indispensable. First of all, managers with leadership traits are the most valuable wealth of enterprises and the basis of enterprise norms. Leading enterprises will enable enterprises to have strong cohesion and enhance the overall combat capability

how to establish your leadership? Business owners want to establish their leadership position, not to hold on to power. I remember the president of Panasonic group said: a person's ability is limited. If you only rely on one person's wisdom to command everything, even if you make amazing progress for a while, it will definitely not work one day. Therefore, Panasonic electric company is not only operated by the general manager, nor by the management supervisor, but by the wisdom of all employees. Matsushita Yukiko takes "all staff management with concentrated wisdom" as the company's business policy - that is, the philosophy of turning loose pearls into necklaces. Relying on this collective wisdom, Panasonic, which has no academic qualifications, has made 3000 doctors and masters work for itself, and has become a super leader in enterprise management, affecting people in the area

the main functions of business owners are decision-making and management. When the enterprise develops to a certain period, the management function of the business owner will be reduced, and the responsibility of decision-making and training subordinates will increase. An excellent business owner must first cultivate his subordinates, that is, delegate power, which is based on actual inspection and real authorization. Otherwise, boss enterprises will face many problems. First, once personal health problems occur, the overall situation of the enterprise will be affected. Such enterprises belong to sad enterprises. For domestic private enterprises, how to delegate power is a fundamental problem. The implementation of the one word hall policy, or the management of laymen, not to mention leadership, will cause problems in the management process of the enterprise. This requires enterprises to surpass the "spiritual leader" and become the "spiritual Godfather". In fact, the greater the contribution of professional managers to the enterprise, the higher their honor in the industry, and the higher the reputation of business owners. Both Li Ka Shing and Li Dongsheng, who recently let Wan Mingjian fly alone, have made the management community admire them

in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, whether it is decentralization or authorization, inspection is the premise, supervision is the foundation, but benefit distribution is the principle. If only professional positions and authorities are given, the actual benefit distribution is unreasonable, and there is no reasonable security system. The so-called authorization can easily become a professional manager who uses enterprise resources to establish his own future road, and will not serve the enterprise for a long time. Once there is a suitable opportunity, he will certainly fly away. Whether it is reward or dividend, we must ensure that the payment is proportional to the income

let's look at the famous brands in the past - China's first medicinal toothpaste "rutin toothpaste", the famous electrical appliance brand "Yanwu", and the invention enterprise of VCD "Wanyan"... These enterprises have disappeared in the quicksand of the market, mainly because of management and decision-making. The deep reason is that enterprises only have products exposed to the air for a long time without spirit, and that they have not shaped the enterprise culture. In this sense, enterprise spirit is the cultural skill and courage of enterprise owners - people are the mirror and symbol of enterprises, especially enterprise owners. Facing the market and the media directly is the basic principle of modern markets

of course, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, there is no successor or career decision-maker, and taking the business owner as the core is still the support of the enterprise. For such small and medium-sized enterprises, the primary task is to establish a core team - talents matching the enterprise resources. As long as there are suitable talents, the business owners will be "potential"; The middle level is the "market"; If the grass-roots do "things", the enterprise will develop healthily

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