How can the instrumentation industry curb Lao Lai'

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Subtle changes are brewing. How can the instrument industry curb the behavior of Laolai?

in an era when technology is constantly being subverted, every subtle change may brew a huge change to ensure the accuracy of the measurement value of fatigue testing machine, which is of great significance. At present, new technologies, new concepts and new models continue to emerge, and the development of China's instrument industry has begun to accelerate and usher in upgrading. It can be said that the era of big data makes it impossible for everyone to leave aside, and also makes the development of an enterprise full of infinite possibilities

the 21st century is a big data era. In the era of big data, transparency, openness and comprehensiveness of information are the distinctive features of this era. Breaking the information barrier and the advent of the data age have made the power of example more appealing than ever before, and have also made illegal acts such as "Lao Lai" quickly exposed in major media, causing an uproar in public opinion

in the legal sense, "Lao Lai" generally refers to a class of debtors in the civil and commercial fields, who have the ability to repay due debts, but refuse to repay all or part of the debts for some reason. In a sense, "Lao Lai" can be said to be a social phenomenon in the stage of social transformation - dishonesty

data show that as of September 30, 2018, courts across the country have issued a cumulative list of 12.11 million cases of dishonesty. Tiktok "Lao Lai" and "Lao Lai" advertising electronic screen severely punish the dishonest, which all increases the cost of the dishonest. Under the wide attention of the whole society, the joint punishment makes the "old Lai" have nowhere to hide

when extended to the instrument industry, dishonesty is also zero tolerance. Instrumentation industry is the basic industry of national economic construction, which affects the development process of all walks of life. The importance of the development of instrumentation industry is determined by its wide range, strong radiation and special status

details determine success or failure. The standardization of the instrument industry should permeate every period of development. Honest production and scientific management should run through every step of the industry. Yu Miao, general manager of Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, said: "the plastic association is a true and accurate text material for all Taizhou Plastic industry, and puts an end to the bad wind of" counterfeiting "

from the perspective of enterprise development, the first is to be honest with yourself and employees. Internal factors are the main factors that determine the development of things. For a company, adhering to the company's development philosophy and fully stimulating the innovative vitality of employees will bring a qualitative leap to the development of the enterprise. System detection is followed by customer integrity. This includes not only the service commitments made for users before and after sales, but also the rigorous pursuit and strict production of product technology and quality. Secondly, the integrity of partners and dealers. As an important partner in the market promotion of instrument brands, the promotion of the two is no less important than that of new products. After selecting strategic partners, how to effectively promote relevant market cooperation and establish a lasting and healthy way of cooperation need to be open and frank, and not be tempted by the dispute of interests

of course, in addition to the subjective self-discipline of enterprises, the standardization, standardization and legalization of the instrument industry are all powerful factors to promote the development of enterprise integrity. Recently, 38 departments including the State Intellectual Property Office recently jointly signed the memorandum of cooperation on joint punishment of serious dishonest subjects in the field of intellectual property (patents). The Joint Disciplinary objects of the memorandum are the main implementers of serious dishonesty in the field of intellectual property (patent)

six kinds of serious dishonesty in the field of intellectual property rights (patents), such as repeated patent infringement, illegal execution, serious violations of patent agents, affiliation of patent agents' qualification certificates, abnormal patent applications, and the provision of false documents, if the operation and protection personnel have received relatively good training, will be severely jointly punished by the national government departments and will be disqualified from entering the authorization of intellectual property rights; Cancel the national intellectual property demonstration enterprises; When applying for a patent, it will no longer enjoy preferential measures such as reduction of patent fees and preferential examination. In addition. The memorandum made it clear that the joint punishment of serious dishonest subjects in the field of intellectual property (patents) will be implemented by the end of December

serious dishonesty in the field of intellectual property patents will be severely punished by the state, and the instrument industry will also be constrained. In the future, in the field of instruments and meters, more dishonest behaviors will be punished by joint punishment. Any dishonesty will become a fatal fuse for the future development of the enterprise. "Don't act like a small evil". Every step of the development of instrument enterprises should be based on honesty, sincerity and science, and say "no" to any bad wind. Don't forget your original intention, then you can always

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