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LED screen Enterprises: how to get both scale and profit when a new winter comes

under the current environment of the transformation of the entire LED display industry from high-speed development to high-quality development, many manufacturers in the industry have also ushered in a new round of development choices: focus on scale or profit, especially in the face of another cold winter in the market, how to ensure survival and obtain the driving force of development is a headache for many LED display manufacturers

as we all know, China's LED display industry started at a very small stage. Over the past few years, the development of manufacturers in the industry * has been "barbaric growth", relying on China's unique industrial conditions, such as rich labor resources, broad market, policy dividends and so on, to quickly obtain market share and business opportunities. Now, with the mature development of the industry and the challenges of transformation and upgrading, many manufacturers are beginning to face the choice of scale and profit, especially under the new round of market demand brought by the current economic downturn, how can LED screen enterprises give consideration to production capacity and profit

for many LED display manufacturers, there is no scale, * no foundation for survival; There is no profit, * there is no capital to continue life; Even when packaging and other manufacturers in the industry continued to expand production earlier, some insiders asserted that "in the LED display industry, expanding production is dead, not expanding production is dead, and the difference between late death and early death..." whether this statement is biased is not discussed in depth here, but it also shows that in the current industrial environment, electric energy and chemical energy are converted to each other, Many LED display manufacturers have been unable to balance the relationship between scale and profit

it should be clear that once Chinese traditional LED display manufacturers lose the pull of capacity scale, many screen enterprises * will fall into a cold winter, and even be marginalized or even eliminated by the market. Now, when the whole era and industrial competition turn to quality, segmentation, specialty and service, more and more LED display manufacturers find that the driving force of large-scale production capacity growth is declining year by year, and it is more and more difficult to win simply by relying on rapid growth and quantity; We must find "new growth mode and driving system"

in the development process of high-quality products, only when the product quality and accuracy meet the standard can good product quality be detected. The main problem faced by LED display manufacturers at present is not whether they should choose to win in scale or profit driven. But how to give up the dependence on capacity scale drive, quickly rely on new profit drive to form a new growth system and driving force, and build new competitiveness. This * involves three elements of "products, technology and customers" that are crucial to LED screen enterprises. Among them, technological innovation and product iteration are only basic means. The expanded signal voltage can reach 10V, * and the ultimate goal is * to solve the end customer group

this * requires LED screen enterprises to constantly explore and find the sense of experience, identity and brand cognition from end customers in product design and production, market channel expansion, after-sales service and other aspects. Because whether it is for scale or profit, the current plastic processing industry is in a critical period of transition from the development and expansion period to the industrial maturity period. For the current industrial environment and development status, it is necessary to deal with the end customer, the protagonist of * and * a big source of profit

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