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Seize the new opportunities, how can enterprises make their debut in the rapidly developing Dawan district?

in February 2019, the outline of the development plan for Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan district was officially issued. With the state vigorously promoting the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area has contributed 12% of the country's GDP, and has become the largest of the four Bay areas in the world in terms of population, area and economic growth in just a few years

as a 9+2 cross regional urban agglomeration, Dawan district is an important town of scientific and technological innovation, and the establishment of a scientific and technological innovation highland is one of its core strategic goals. This national strategic development plan contains countless development opportunities, and has become a must for the development of major enterprises. Therefore, enterprises also need to pay more attention to the following points:

network security

nowadays 1. In the era of length measurement, network security is the lifeblood of long-term safe development of enterprises. Especially in the design of more durable products used in more despicable environments, ensuring enterprise information security, protecting enterprise network system hardware and important data from damage, change and leakage due to accidental factors or attacks, and ensuring the continuous, reliable and normal operation of the system have become the most basic requirements for data and information security of enterprises

network coverage

Dawan district spans three places on both sides of the Strait. A cross regional all-weather network without dead corners has become the basic configuration requirements of bay area enterprises. According to Guo Xinrong, Secretary General of titanium dioxide industry branch of China Coating Industry Association, strong signal, seamless switching, and comprehensive interconnection can bring good customer network application experience

convenient transaction

enterprises in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area have the natural advantage of international operation. Here, they can easily trade with merchants and partners in Hong Kong and Macao and even all over the world. They have a trading system that can freely pay and trade across currencies and regions, which can help enterprises expand customers and improve their performance quickly

to sum up, under the intelligent development mode, healthy and orderly network security, all-weather network coverage without dead ends, and the convenient transaction mode of unimpeded cross-strait and three places are the necessary artifact for enterprises to remain invincible in the development of scientific and technological innovation, and also the booster for the rapid development of enterprises. Therefore, a set of high-quality and efficient network infrastructure is an indispensable choice for the development of modern enterprises

Hong Kong Telecom, a one-stop ICT Service Provider between China and Hong Kong, has always been committed to providing enterprises with international telecom level service standards. The system integration services provided by it can provide a strong security and effective network guarantee for the development of enterprises. Hong Kong Telecom Integrated Services has many years of successful implementation experience. As the single coordinator of equipment deployment and service maintenance, Hong Kong Telecom provides enterprises with end-to-end service testing services and 7x24 hours of active network monitoring services. In addition, the product line is rich, covering all aspects of IT systems required for enterprise construction, and can provide consulting, design, construction and after-sales service support. Fee payment is also convenient and fast, supporting HKD or RMB payment

in Dawan District, an economic development zone full of unlimited challenges and opportunities, enterprises can't succeed without high-quality network infrastructure, and Hong Kong Telecom is your sail on the road of development, escorting you! Source: HKT Hong Kong Telecom

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