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How can U-shaped bolts better prevent moisture and dampness

1. Select impregnating paint that does not contain oxidation components, such as epoxy urethane or unmodified epoxy impregnating paint. Choose paint that does not contain volatile acid. Try to use solvent-free paint for vibrating machinery

2. When using cyanuric acid impregnating paint, the curing temperature and curing time should be adjusted. The curing temperature should be slightly higher than 130 ℃ (such as 135 ℃) and the curing time should be greater than 180min, and it is necessary to strictly implement the process, especially in the high-temperature and humid season, because from the perspective of rust prevention, the paint in the samples of the paint factory is dry (curing) time, BASF materials are not necessarily fully used in the overall design of the car body. The motor has a specific internal shape

3. Anti corrosion treatment of stainless steel screw surface refers to the use of various methods to apply maintenance layers on the metal surface. Its function is to isolate the metal from the corrosive environment, so as to curb the occurrence of corrosion process, or reduce the contact between corrosive media and the metal surface, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing or reducing corrosion

at the same time, pay special attention to the skills of screw material selection:

1. The requirements of screw material in terms of mechanical properties, especially strength. Some screws need high strength, so choose the screw material with high strength

2. Requirements of working conditions on corrosion resistance of materials. Standard parts polar engineered is the high-performance arm of Volvo car group. Some screws are used in products with strong corrosion resistance, which requires us to choose screw wires with strong corrosion resistance

3. The requirements of working temperature on the heat resistance (high temperature strength, oxidation resistance) of materials fell by 1.93% from 1069. Some screws are used in high temperature operation, which requires us to choose screw materials with high temperature resistance

4. Requirements of production process on material processing performance. In terms of production technology, some screws and wires are easy to process, some are difficult, and the hardness is relatively hard in all aspects. This requires us to choose the screw material with appropriate hardness, which is conducive to processing and production

5. Other factors, such as weight, price and purchase, should be considered. The weight, price, purchase and other factors of the screw itself affect the selection of screw materials. Only by properly considering these aspects can we better choose screw materials

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