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How to succeed in CRM based on SFA (sales automation)

if we admit that the technology of sales automation (SFA) solution is good, and the software is indeed effective, then what can be the problem? Then it must be those users of SFA software. Who really needs SFA solutions? Are those sales and service teams at the terminal? I don't think so. In the past decade, senior managers have faced numerous changes and tried to ensure higher marginal profits through various ways: process reengineering, scale reduction, cost reduction, business outsourcing, lean use of assets, and of course, they also tried to make their sales efforts more effective. In the view of senior managers, the investment in CRM should be based on the improvement of the financial bottom line and their own tenure

in a world model driven by technology and process, the human problem is still not easy to be emphasized. However, new methods are emerging to help sales teams improve their working methods, interpersonal relationships and sales force. Although there are still no "silver bullet" level effective methods, in fact, as long as you use some of these methods correctly - you still have a chance - so continue reading

from Michael Meltzer's paper on relationship and value management:

hidden users - i-crm

hide users' access to 2-It/is connections

i-crm software of the information technology team

CRM - make it happen

start building an infrastructure of customer information

poor aspects of business conditions (establish a business case)

find the value of customer information

effective channel management

customer retention, development and acquisition of financial services

customer retention in the telecommunications industry Develop and acquire

understand the value of customers

whether your customers can bring profits (how about ABC customer classification)

based on profitable customer segmentation

customer profitability is just insufficient

use customer information to integrate call centers

eliminate misinformation data mining

use customer focused application lifecycle management (ALM) to form loyal Profitable cycle

how to rebuild customer intimacy and create profits

channel management in the dilemma

promote the maintenance of customers in the insurance industry Development and acquisition (with Chris Saunders)

survive and prosper through the application of customer information - the view of the insurance industry

one of the prospects of CRM - electronic insurance

Where is the customer value

manage the first part of the revenue through CRM

the "poison arrow" that may happen to you

CRM method leading to customer profitability

start CRM

decentralized and isolated databases are out of date today

plan CRM for success

CRM plans/projects mean change

version 2 magical data mining

does successful CRM depend on communication

Book CRM

make CRM incredible: use the results

true crm/sfa success. As some people have concluded, sales capability automation or operational CRM is actually aimed at improving the success rate of the sales team and better management of strategic customers (these customers are about whom we are willing to trust). However, the real problem here is that CRM has faced the biggest obstacle in the implementation

if we admit that the technology is good and the software works normally, what might be the problem? It must be the person who is required to use SFA software. Who really needs SFA solution? Is it the problem of terminal limitation chromatographic peak de dimensioning? Is it the sales and service team? I don't think so. In the past decade, senior managers have tried to ensure a higher marginal profit in the face of numerous changes, using various methods: process reengineering, downsizing, cost reduction, outsourcing, lean use of assets, and naturally trying to make sales efforts more effective. In the eyes of senior managers, the investment in the overall concept of CRM is based on improving their ledger profit and loss line and tenure. However, as they rush to the front of the cliff, these people forget to find out what the results should be for users or end users. Overly compliant consultants hope to get consultants from hungry software and hardware vendors, and hope that the multi million dollar plan can be implemented. Excessive compliance is not conducive to providing good advice. However, SFA implementation is seen by many as a means to improve the efficiency of the sales team and improve the omission of its activities with the help of senior management. Omissions may be successfully resolved, but often at the cost of efficiency

observe sales activities

many investments in operational CRM come in a better and more way. 1 First of all, the force sensor of the tension machine looks at marketing activities, and there are still some battles. There are a lot of reports available, and there are many ways to look at sales performance and its composition. However, 75% of the application projects in the sales field are considered not to meet the expectations. Who thinks these application projects have failed? Those sales teams who have to use these applications! Most sales teams claim that these solutions give them another burden, not sales assistants. In order to meet the heavy burden of management, the paperwork of SFA falls on the shoulders of salespersons, who often have to act as data entry staff. The top 20% of the sales teams of manufacturers with different sales performance accounting for almost 80% of the overall sales use access, word, Excel, reader, notepad and other frequently used operation software to record experimental data and curves are the first to find a way not to use the genx engine FA equipped with s for B787. The other% of people think they can benefit from the new system method. The new system can help them identify the right products for the right customers. However, these people also find the system troublesome and can not meet their real needs

blame the sales team

in many cases, the sales team is a test that does not involve transactions, design, communication cycles, or all the functions of SFA. When they were brought in to train how to use SFA (input data), the first reaction was that it was a complicated management system designed for the management, which was less considered for them. They asked some questions like, "can it tell me who to visit and what is the best quotation? Can it make me have more authorization and/or increase my bonus? Can it reduce administrative intervention? Can it provide advice for me, can it help me quote code...?" In most cases, the answer is "no... sorry -... - now if you enter the name and address and... We can see... Who and how you visited"

reasons for failure: Gartner's view

sfa is often regarded by salespeople as just another measure to move towards the "big brother" dictator who monitors their every action. If they cheat, they should be hit with a big stick policy. Gartner has identified the top ten reasons it believes 80% of sales technology fails (see below). Judging from the current implementation, it is obvious that SFA is a failed solution. And the top five identified in bold in these ten reasons are related to the problem of sales efficiency and the involvement of the sales team. Generally, it is not technology that requires 60% - 70% of the sales team to improve performance, but an overall foundation closely linked with the physical sales method. On this basis, the process is good and workable:

1 Start the project with unclear goals, specifications and expectations (25%)

2 Lack of commitment from senior executives, marketing management and channel partners (13%)

3 Poorly defined or defective sales process (15%)

4 Lack of strong end-user salespeople to buy in bulk (12%)

5 Pay attention to the needs of the management and pay insufficient attention to the salesperson and users (10%)

6 Insufficient resources for development and allocation, barely coping (8%)

7 Inefficient and irrelevant training (7%)

8 Poor software supplier or ESP selection (5%)

9 Over Standardization (3%)

10 Over indulging in features, functions or "cool" technology (2%)

further evidence

Miller Hyman's sales effectiveness research is an ongoing worldwide research effort, which surveyed more than 3400 sales professionals in 28 industries during 2005, of which 69% of the companies have 250 or more salespeople. Their research findings show that the improvement of sales force is mainly achieved through better training, especially the training of basic skills and methods to approach and win the recognition of decision makers. On the contrary, crm/sfa technology is not considered to help sales organizations either improve sales force or sales effect

specific weaknesses are identified as follows:

· 50.6% of sales staff agree that CRM is not helpful to make their sales efforts more effective

· 73.0% of sales leaders do not think that CRM can be used to effectively help more sales opportunities through the funnel sales system

· 78.8% of sales leaders believe that CRM cannot be effectively used to improve customer strategies and plans

· 78.6% of sales leaders do not believe that CRM defines an effective sales process for their organization

sales methods transferred to crm/sfa

some main methods supporting sales cycle management provide structured methods as solutions or processing methods to identify, analyze and deal with complex, multi person decision-making, value driven competitive sales situations, schemes or transactions. The most exciting thing about these processes is that they are all attached to the new SFA solution, either through full integration or through additional integration through the programming interface API. Microsoft CRM software has absorbed a sales solution version, which has been added to the latest version

the sales management process is finally marked by tool settings, which enable managers to coach, inspect and analyze standardized sales procedures; Recruit, hire and train sales personnel, and undertake performance evaluation, career consulting, business reporting and other work. These new tools make sales managers more proactive, make them more professional in supporting the real work of the sales team, and quickly achieve the expected return on investment

in order to support the sales team, you have to go beyond sales management, just as outlined above. There must be a customer management process that provides a series of consistent methods to develop, cultivate and maintain long-term customer-centered relationships with key, major or mass market customers that the company already has or wants. Contact management must be of high quality so that strategies can be developed to maintain and activate the relationship between decision-making at the executive level of the company. However, the source information should play a similar role as the possible information that the company already has. Data can come from bills, services, guarantees, direct mail documents, and other systems that store customer related data. The composition of information must enable senior managers to successfully reach it when they need it. No matter where the sales team needs it, technology must be active and available

where is the real return on investment

the sales application pyramid identifies those technologies that really add value to the business, which are related to serving customers and supporting the sales process. The basic part of the pyramid will save the cost of overtime, but its consumers are in the face

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