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Introduction since 1989, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange have opened successively, and the stock market has entered the life of Chinese people. The stock market has become a new way of investment. Especially in recent years, more and more people have participated in the investment of the stock market. Due to the sharp increase of sites and the unreasonable network structure, the original computer network system of many securities business departments has a significant load on the whole computer system, which is slow to see the market, entrust orders, and return speed, and can not keep up with the needs of customers. Therefore, it is necessary to redesign and thoroughly transform those computer network systems with outdated technology and uncertain distribution of parts wear. Taking a securities business department as an example, this paper introduces the latest technical design of the network system of the securities business department

1 system design

1.1 system analysis

1.1.1 securities trading process

according to the securities trading rules formulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the securities business department is an intermediary between the exchange and shareholders, and shareholders can only conduct entrusted transactions through the securities business department. A typical securities trading process is:

· shareholders obtain real-time or historical market information through the computer market system of the securities business department

· investors issue trading orders according to the current market

· trading instructions are sent to the seats of Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges by voice (this is the so-called declaration, which has been stopped using) or communication through the computer system of the business department, and transactions are brokered through the host of the exchange

· the matching transaction status is then sent back to the computer system of the business department through the communication method of the trading office. After the market is closed, the exchange also sends the transaction data of the day to the business department for clearing

it can be seen that the network system of the securities business department mainly provides the following two services: one is to provide investors with real-time stock trading Quotations (quotation services for short); The other is to ensure that investors' entrustment can be transacted in real time (trading service for short)

1.1.2 securities network mode

one of the main characteristics of securities network is that the network needs to bear a continuous large amount of file load. During the four hours of market opening every day, large-scale concurrent read/write operations in the form of file sharing continued. Therefore, it is the legal obligation of investors to adopt efficient document service in the market service system; Investors must report Novell netware4.11 of the volume and efficiency of the launch every year. Considering the high specification requirements for data security, the trading service system selects SQL Server under the NT platform

at present, the typical computer network of the securities business department adopts the following modes in technology: after the completion of two automobile lightweight parts production lines and four fully automatic piston production lines in the phase II Industrial Park,

· the network technology adopts Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, and the network trunk adopts Ethernet/Fast Ethernet switching equipment or Ethernet/fddi switching equipment

· operating system: Novell NetWare4 is selected X is the market server, and NT server or UNIX is selected as the transaction server

1.2 system design

the construction of securities network mainly needs to solve two problems, one is reliability and security, the other is channel performance

The channel performance of the securities network is mainly affected by the following aspects:

· channel rate of satellite communication

· selection of network technology and network backbone equipment

· i/o channel of the server

1.2.1 channel rate of satellite communication

in securities trading, all real-time market data, trading instructions, transaction returns, clearing data, etc. in the securities business department are received or sent through satellite stations (now the above functions can also be realized through a ground backup system established within the company). Therefore, the channel rate of satellite communication directly affects the speed of network transmission and data conversion. At present, general securities business departments use two-way satellite stations (to send commissions and receive transaction returns) and one-way satellite stations (to receive quotations). Taking the two-way satellite station connected to the satellite communication of Shenzhen Stock Exchange as an example, the high-speed one-way satellite station currently used is developed by warehore company of the United States and produced by OMS company. Its channel rate can be as high as 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps. With such a high channel rate, when designing the securities network system, it is generally unnecessary to consider the channel rate of satellite communication too much, just connect the PC communicator connected to the satellite station to the main switching equipment of the securities business department

1.2.2 selection of network technology and network backbone equipment

according to the current technology, we consider using 100Base-T plus switching network technology with high cost performance. 100Base-T is an Ethernet that transmits 100 mb/s baseband signals from twisted pair cables. It still uses the IEEE802.3 standard, namely csma/cd protocol. This ether is also called fast ether. Switching technology is a new technology rising in recent years. It turns the shared bandwidth of the network into exclusive bandwidth, avoids the problem of decreasing the bandwidth obtained by each user due to the increase of network users, and has the function of multi network bridging at the same time. The organic combination of these two technologies makes the network construction investment low, but the performance is good, and the implementation is simple and flexible

we hope that China can also follow the trend

1.2.3 server i/o channel

due to the adoption of Switched Ethernet, the network bandwidth bottleneck that restricts the system performance no longer exists, and the spacious network channel allows all request operations to reach the server at the same time, making the server's i/o channel face greater pressure. Therefore, in the security network, the channel performance of the server is the key to determine the performance of the whole system

the main goal of such system construction is to choose high reliable and high-performance servers to undertake such critical and heavy load application tasks

2 system implementation

based on the above reasons, we selected Compaq pl8000 as the quotation server, which is configured with 512 M memory, 2048kcache, Pentium Xeon 550MHz CPU, Compaq smart array 4250es controller disk array card, and four 18.2G SCSI hard disks, which support hot plugging; HP pl580 is selected as the transaction server, and its configuration is: P4 2.0GHz CPU, 1024 M memory, Compaq smart array 4250es controller disk array card, four 36 g SCSI hard disks, which support hot plug

the adoption of RAID (RAID5) technology solves the bottleneck problem between CPU and i/o, and improves the fault tolerance and data availability of the external memory subsystem, thereby improving the reliability of the whole system. The hot pluggable hard disk provides a guarantee for the repair of the fault

the network structure of the entire securities business department is shown in the following figure: