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Volvo's new excavator "three improvements" help customers succeed

Volvo's new excavator "three improvements" help customers have a short process and are easy to achieve household success

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Volvo Construction Equipment launched the new ec200d and ec210d crawler record maximum load excavators, which rely on a deep tradition and are designed to achieve high performance and excellent handling. The device is equipped with a variety of powerful functions, which can ensure excellent performance in continuous operation, and has industry-leading fuel efficiency

Volvo ec210d excavator

the new Volvo ec200d and ec210d excavators are fully designed in combination with the market demand of China's construction machinery, which can ensure the continuous excellent performance of the equipment under various working conditions

Volvo ec200d crawler 2 The powerful Volvo engine of the excavator can be used in conjunction with the optimized hydraulic system (total engine power up to 123kw) and the automatic idle speed function of the equipment. This feature makes this equipment very suitable for customers who strive to maximize the use of excavators. In addition, with Volvo's intelligent eco mode, the equipment can optimize the flow and pressure while maintaining the excavation power and slewing torque, so as to improve the overall fuel efficiency of the equipment

Volvo ec210d crawler excavator integrates Volvo's rich experience and professional knowledge. The equipment adopts a solid frame, and the powerful Volvo engine works together with the machine's proven hydraulic system, which can provide high torque at low speed, realizing the perfect combination of high performance and high fuel efficiency. In order to achieve a shorter cycle and optimal fuel consumption, ec210d is equipped with a variety of intelligent operation modes, which are widely used, including the new G4 operation mode. The operator can select the operation mode most suitable for the current task - I (idle), f (fine), G (normal), H (heavy) and P (maximum power) mode

function improvement

Volvo ec200d excavator can be equipped with various high-performance buckets that can work together with the machine to easily cope with various working conditions. The combination of excellent design and high durability makes ec200d an ideal choice for excavating and transporting soft and medium hardness materials, and also ensures excellent operation results when customers deal with ordinary construction and road construction. In addition, the operator can save the hydraulic flow of more than 20 operations through the monitor setting in the cab, and the solid auxiliary pipeline of the equipment can also provide appropriate flow and pressure for special accessories. These comprehensive performances enable Volvo ec200d excavator to truly realize "one machine with multiple functions", and fully escort the development of customer business

Volvo ec200d excavator

Volvo ec210d can also be equipped with various buckets and crushing hammers to work together with the equipment. All applicable buckets are equipped with Volvo bucket teeth, which have solid design and excellent durability, and can cope with the most demanding working environment. Ec210d can also be equipped with Volvo hydraulic breaking hammers, which can break the hardest materials and provide continuous strong power and high excavation force. Volvo designed hydraulic hammer/hydraulic shear pipeline and quick connector pipeline options can provide optimal flow for hydraulic accessories, and advanced auxiliary pipeline can provide appropriate flow and pressure for special accessories. In order to maximize profits and productivity, the operator can also choose single pump or double pump flow independently

efficiency improvement

operability is very important for an excavator to strengthen efficiency. Volvo ec200d and ec210d excavators are equipped with Volvo equipment's unique caring cab, and the operating environment is safe and comfortable. In addition to adjustable seats and ergonomic control devices, the cab is equipped with a new i-ecu monitor that can display various information such as fuel consumption details and maintenance interval reminders, as well as an accessory management system (AMS), so that the operator can get more equipment operation information assistance

in addition, Volvo ec210d excavator can realize rapid response and precise control in the combined operation on the ground by increasing the hydraulic flow. The actions of the excavator boom and jib are coordinated with each other. When the walking and lifting actions can be performed at the same time, the operator can move the equipment more smoothly and easily, and obtain higher construction quality

benefit improvement

as a well-designed equipment, Volvo ec200d excavator can provide high torque at low engine speed, realizing the perfect combination of high performance and high fuel efficiency. The whole equipment is very solid, with excellent durability and simple maintenance

Volvo ec210d excavator is designed to provide excellent profitability. With first-class fuel efficiency and Volvo's unique eco mode, excavators can reduce fuel efficiency consumption and operating costs. The ec210d body is made of durable parts, which has excellent performance in various applications, while ensuring long-term equipment value and favorable return on investment

in addition, Volvo ec210d can realize safe, fast and convenient maintenance operations. The equipment adopts anti-skid plates, combined filters and centralized lubrication points, and the maintenance port can be accessed from the ground. The long maintenance interval of the equipment can improve the availability of the machine and extend the normal operation time, so as to maximize the productivity

main technical specifications of Volvo ec200d excavator:

main specifications of Volvo ec210d excavator:

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