From process and factory automation to electromech

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Ziyi Co., Ltd.: from process and factory automation to electromechanical device automation

in order to seize the development opportunity after entering Shanghai Electric, the following is a detailed introduction. Since the end of 2006, Ziyi Co., Ltd. has been vigorously developing device automation, and the steel block placed at the end of a lever can provide a strong sense of supporting Shanghai electric industry. With the support of Shanghai Electric Group, after more than two years of efforts, it has developed device automation products such as electrostatic precipitator automatic control device and vacuum pump automatic control device, preliminarily realized process automation and factory automation, and expanded the automation of mechanical and electrical devices. The percentage of material transactions in the overall plastic transactions is still the same as that in 2013

in order to meet the special control process and comprehensive electrical requirements of the device automation business, all relevant departments of the company will focus on the business development of the electronic control device department and the system engineering company, work together and give full play to their overall strength, promote supnovaplc, electronic control integration, commissioning, service, etc. to meet the device control needs, so that the device automation business can not only have a good start, but also achieve great development

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