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From design packaging to user experience, interconnection should be implemented in the whole chain of household products

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core tip: in 2015, an era called "Internet +" came. Since the word "Internet +" was spread, people have added almost all industries that can be connected with the Internet. Of course, the results and arguments are different. For the traditional home furnishing industry, the "Internet +" era requires innovation and change not only in the marketing model, but also in the product itself. Based on the more explicit analysis of big data on consumer demand, household products are being transformed through personalized design, transparent quotation, flat packaging, interactive experience, etc. to adapt to the increasingly important channel of Internet

[China Packaging News] in 2015, an era called Internet + came. Since the word Internet + was spread, people have added almost all industries that can be connected with Internet. Of course, the results and arguments are different. For the traditional home furnishing industry, the Internet + era requires innovation and change not only in the marketing model, but also in the product itself. Based on the more explicit analysis of big data on consumer demand, household products are being transformed through personalized design, transparent quotation, flat packaging, interactive experience, etc. to adapt to the increasingly important channel of Internet

the design should be younger and meet individual needs. The product presentation and quotation should be as simple and transparent as possible.

before the concept of "Internet +" came out, many home building materials brands had been electrocuted. The initial form was to open stores. The concept of "Internet" was basically used only in sales. However, with the deepening of the Internet + concept, just opening a store to sell products has been a little behind the times. In addition to doing a good job in the promotion and marketing of the mobile Internet era, the core products should also be interconnected from the design, production, storage, transportation and other links to adapt to this increasingly important channel

then, how should traditional household enterprises transform their products into interconnected ones? Wang Biao, vice president of Sofia home appliances, believes that first of all, we should understand the differences in demand and behavior between consumers who buy through traditional channels and consumers who buy through traditional channels. We cannot completely separate Internet + from traditional channels. They are not entirely different things, but customers' consumer psychology and behavior are characteristic and different in groups. Secondly, products suitable for sale are simpler, more direct and more transparent than traditional channels. This is the characteristic of interconnection, that is, products are as simple as possible in terms of design, presentation and quotation, and do not go around too much. Wang Biao said that from the current sales of Sofia on tmall, the trend of Internet + products will be younger, that is, products with simple and modern styles will be more popular. Third, consumers do not necessarily have an interest in the overall products they have, but will have a strong interest in some special functions or designs or products that are obviously related to their own life pain points. Offline consumers are more interested in the overall and appearance of the product, while the Internet will pay more attention to a prominent point, which just meets a certain demand or pain point of the customer and moves him. Therefore, Wang Biao believes that household products in the Internet + era should be more detailed to impress consumers. The big data support provided by the Internet can also enable enterprises to have a more in-depth and detailed understanding of consumer needs, and better develop and integrate products on this basis

Lin Tao, chairman and general manager of Kefan home appliances, believes that in the Internet + era, enterprises should follow the simple thinking, strive for focus and simplicity in product planning and brand positioning, and strive for simplicity and simplicity in product design. Because in the Internet era, with the explosion of information, consumers have too many choices and too short time to choose, users' patience is becoming less and less, and the online transfer cost is too low, almost zero

shenwenjiao, the general director of the local original furniture design studio, believes that household products in the Internet + era should have the characteristics of small brand, fashionable design, interactive experience, flat transportation and modern technology. Brand niche can also be understood as personalization. Network consumers belong to the new generation. Their vision is unprecedented wide and their personality is distinct. The fragmentation of communication in the era of we media is precisely due to their aesthetic differentiation. Therefore, I think the popular product thinking is obviously not suitable for them, and the personalized, fashionable and even niche home product design is more suitable for the Internet + era

change the furniture structure, realize flat packaging and DIY installation, and facilitate product transportation.

there has always been a saying that there are three products and seven delivery and installation of home building materials. With the arrival of the e-commerce era, the delivery services of merchants in the past were replaced by logistics and other intermediary companies. The moment the product is delivered to the home is the first real meeting between consumers and the product. Therefore, this last kilometer of service looks like the last link of product sales, but it is really the beginning of the whole service system of the product. The product packaging, transportation and installation involved in this is also an important reason to hinder the development of home brand interconnection

at present, several furniture brands under the general studio are dedicated to Internet sales. Shenwenjiao, the person in charge, believes that American researchers have recently developed a "metamaterial" that can be hardened or softened freely. In the Internet + era, enterprises should develop removable furniture with flat packaging through the optimization and integration of furniture structure, space and function. For example, Furniture composed of tenon or connector joints between parts has the characteristics of convenient disassembly, easy handling and simple form. This kind of furniture based on disassembly and assembly structure is more suitable for the flat packaging required by modern logistics. It can save packaging materials, make efficient use of space, adapt to containerized transportation and greatly reduce transportation costs. Then it can connect with the characteristics of interconnected logistics, so that products can reach users at the fastest speed and the lowest price. In addition, the detachable furniture design can also let users experience the happiness of independent installation and enhance the user experience. At present, IKEA is the best and most successful in this field. Its thinking on product design and packaging is worth learning

Lin Tao believes that the arrival of the Internet + era means that the future society will be an era of mass wisdom, and the era of elite wisdom has passed. Therefore, the logistics and transportation of household products should also give full play to the characteristics of the era of public wisdom, achieve point-to-point transportation through IOT linkage, and reduce intermediate transit links. For example, in the past, products were transported from Guangdong to the northeast, which may have to go through several transit links. In the Internet + era, intermediate links can be greatly reduced through the distributed, point-to-point IOT platform to achieve point-to-point logistics and transportation, Reduce logistics cost and time. Lin Tao also said that in terms of delivery and installation, we can consider establishing a PP platform similar to didi taxi or Uber to gather the movers and installers in various regions to achieve faster and more effective delivery and installation services, which will also be a trend in the future

making products by crowdfunding can not only judge the market acceptance, but also relieve the financial pressure

not long ago, Wanda united with fast money launched a crowdfunding product for commercial real estate called Wenzhuan No. 1. Through the Internet connection, Wang Jianlin, together with hundreds of millions of ordinary investors, played the fashionable game of crowdfunding, making the construction of Wanda Plaza an investment carnival with the participation of the whole people. In this era of nationwide interconnection, many small household product projects in the household industry are operating through crowdfunding

for example, most of the furniture brands such as Cu, xiyoutang and PIY under the general studio are aimed at Internet sales and adopt crowdfunding. Shenwenjiao, the person in charge of the studio, said that at present, most studios mainly choose crowdfunding platforms with obvious traffic advantages to do crowdfunding. So far, they have done it twice. The first time was a clothes rack of the woodworking brand PIY, raising nearly 170000 yuan; 1. Generally, fatigue damage will not occur; The second is the two products of the rattan chair brand fried dough twist, which are currently in the process of crowdfunding and have exceeded the predetermined goal. In shenwenjiao's view, the real crowdfunding is to support makers with dreams but no funds through market-oriented guidance and platform drainage. The purpose of enterprise crowdfunding mainly has two aspects: one is to judge the market acceptance through crowdfunding, so as to make adjustments to product design, process, packaging, price, marketing, etc; Second, by raising funds for mass production, we can solve the financial pressure and reduce the selling price to the lowest, which is also beneficial to the people. Based on these two purposes, he believes that crowdfunding is very suitable for design start-ups without financial strength

make use of online design software to realize the interactivity of consumer experience

the Internet + era emphasizes user experience, which is a purely subjective feeling established in the process of users' contact with products. A good user experience should start from the details and run through every detail. This kind of detail can make users feel, and this perception should exceed users' expectations and bring surprises to users. On this basis, yaoliangsong, chairman of oupai home, believes that home products in the Internet era should emphasize the interaction of experience on the basis of product experience. A brand and product that allows users to participate in varying degrees will inevitably become their friends

for example, the concept of big home europay + launched by europay in the first half of this year is currently launched in the form of online interactive experience platform + real scene model room in the exhibition hall. Consumers can have an online DIY home experience in opal mall, and easily browse the 3D Home effect drawings and real scene sample rooms with the most complete house types, the most complete styles and the most realistic effects in the industry for reference and experience; On this basis, you can also quickly find suitable products of europaiquan that have higher requirements on the material performance of plastic products according to your house type, area and favorite decoration style through the shopping guide tools and design software in the official shopping mall, and directly carry out design matching and generate approximate budget, which is very convenient. When consumers are satisfied with the scheme designed by themselves and the products they choose, they can go to the off-line flagship store of opada home furnishing for on-site experience to see the material, process and actual placement effect of the products. If you think it is good, some designers will come to your door to measure according to your needs, design customized furniture renderings of the whole house, and provide the whole house home design scheme with actual quotation. Yaoliangsong believes that this interactive experience mode allows consumers to really participate in the design of their own homes, which is more in line with the consumer demand of the Internet + era focusing on personality

Sofia Wang Biao also pointed out that in the Internet + era, it is not only the product that needs to be adjusted, but also the way the product connects with consumers, including the way the product quotes, demonstrates and interacts with consumers, that is, the entire system needs to be adjusted. package

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