From January to may, Zhejiang Ningbo Port imported

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From January to may, Zhejiang Ningbo Port imported 1.081 million tons of waste paper. From January to May this year, Zhejiang Ningbo Port imported 3665 batches of waste paper, 1.081 million tons, accounting for 48.8% of the total import of renewable resources, equivalent to cutting more than 18.36 million trees

it is reported that imported waste paper is favored by domestic papermaking enterprises with waste paper as raw material because of its finer classification and higher recycling rate, and has become the first choice of raw materials for enterprises. At present, China is the world's largest importer of waste paper. The country has also introduced zero tariff and other policies to encourage the import of waste paper and strive to promote the development of circular economy

do not underestimate the import of waste paper. It has become the blood of the domestic paper industry. Linyongmao, head of the inspection section of Daxie entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, which is responsible for the inspection and supervision of imported renewable resources, said

according to relevant data, waste paper is called secondary fiber. Using 1 ton of waste paper can make 2 tons of pulp and produce 0.8 tons of new paper. At the same time, it can cut down 17 trees less, save more than 50% of paper energy with an annual capacity of 600million watt hours after production, reduce 35% of water pollution, save 3 square meters of landfill space, and absorb 0.7 tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere every year. From January to may, Ningbo Port imported 1081000 tons of waste paper, equivalent to cutting more than 18.36 million trees

it is reported that 20 derusting paints have been carried out in closed workshops for 12 years, and 10341 batches of waste paper, 3046000 tons, have been imported at Ningbo port throughout the year

we should serve the environment and ecological security, do a good job in the inspection and supervision of imported waste paper at Daxie port in accordance with the general requirements of building a beautiful China put forward by the Party Central Committee, take the sacred responsibility of guarding the country and be a good protector of ecological security. Linyongmao understands the inspection and quarantine work of imported waste paper in this way. In terms of port control, we have strict three pass control procedures, especially the nano particles prepared by physical methods, to block the unqualified waste paper out of the country, so as to ensure the environmental protection, health and safety of imported waste paper

the first line of defense is to strictly review the information, verify the authenticity of the bill of lading by checking the import manifest, querying the shipping information and other means, find out the true place of loading or shipping of waste raw materials, and strengthen the source traceability management; The second line of defense is the on-site inspection and quarantine. After the arrival of waste raw materials, the inspection and quarantine institutions shall carry out inspection according to law, and check at all levels through sanitary treatment, radioactive monitoring, container quarantine, safety and environmental protection project inspection, so as to minimize the risk of overseas epidemic spread and the entrainment of toxic and harmful substances into the country; The third line of defense is to implement follow-up supervision, irregularly track the flow of waste paper and its delivery to processing and utilization units, and jointly enforce the law with relevant departments to ensure that the imported waste paper is fully recycled and recycled without causing harm to the environment

it is understood that the bureau also implements pre-treatment of waste raw material containers, greatly shortening the general inspection cycle and reducing enterprise costs

pre sanitary treatment is to integrate the sanitary treatment of imported waste raw material containers into the process of ship unloading and container moving. More than 10000 pieces of goods applying for relevant patents in the field of new container materials can be subject to sanitary treatment through the sanitary treatment channel after unloading. The sanitary treatment work is moved from the designated storage yard to the unloading dock in space, which saves operation time and improves the efficiency of sanitary treatment

it used to take at least 2 days for sanitation treatment, but now it is completed in the process of ship unloading and transportation, and the general inspection cycle of imported waste raw materials is greatly shortened. The person in charge of a trading enterprise said

wangzhikai, director of Ningbo Daxie entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, said that since the Bureau implemented pre-treatment for waste raw material containers, it has reduced the burden of enterprises by 10million yuan

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