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For the decoration project of ordinary people, everyone wants a good and cheap construction team. Therefore, once we heard the quotation of the decoration company and compared it with the quotation of the "guerrillas" on the street, we found that the gap was indeed large, which often made us hesitate

for the decoration project of ordinary people, everyone wants a good and cheap construction team. Therefore, as soon as we hear the quotation of the decoration company, and then compare it with the quotation of the street "guerrillas", we find that the gap is really large, which often makes us hesitate: whether to invite the "regular army" of these decoration companies or the "road decoration guerrillas"

objectively speaking, we do not deny that there are many masters in the "guerrillas". According to the current situation, the proportion of people choosing decoration companies is even lower than that of "guerrillas". The reason is very simple, because some "guerrillas" are still relatively responsible, and the most important thing is that the low price is very attractive; On the other hand, the current decoration pattern of the people is basically the same, making the "guerrillas" have also accumulated a lot of experience, and the effect of pretending to be a "regular army" is not a problem. Moreover, some decoration companies do not pay attention to the decoration of middle and small houses of the people, which naturally pushes some customers to the "guerrillas". So what is the difference between the "regular army" and the "guerrillas"

1. Credit difference

the vast majority of "guerrillas" belong to "one hammer" business in terms of design level, professional ethics, decoration quality, after-sales service, etc. once the project is completed, the position will be transferred after the money is paid. After the owner has stayed for a period of time, if there are problems in installation, construction and materials, it is sometimes difficult to find the relevant person in charge. On the contrary, as a "regular army", the decoration company has a fixed company address and a high reputation. It must undertake the responsibility of maintenance, because its behavior is supervised by the decoration industry management department and the Consumer Association

2. The difference in quality

no matter whether you use the "clean package" or "all inclusive" decoration method, you will inevitably be a little "worried". Contracting labor but not materials will waste a lot of materials; Contracting labor and materials, there is a phenomenon of substituting inferior for good, and substituting inferior for excellent. Anyway, it will be a problem in a short period of time. And such quality often makes people uneasy. The materials and design of the "regular army" are operated in accordance with certain norms. They regard each decoration case as their own live advertisement, so as to make the public praise better and better. If you use non authentic decoration materials or cut corners, once there is a problem, the after-sales service is not a small expense

3. Differences in design taste

most "guerrillas" have no professional design team, and lack experience in the coordination of color, light, environment and overall layout. They usually can only copy or copy others' styles, resulting in a nondescript effect. As a "regular army", the decoration company is different. After fully communicating with the owner, the designer will create a suitable decoration scheme for the owner with a professional vision, which can not only ensure the effect, but also save a lot of time for the owner

4. The difference of settlement

because there is no design drawing and construction plan, the contract is not standardized, and customers are attracted at a low price, as a result, what can only be done is what counts, and phenomena such as unqualified size or imbalance of proportion are also everywhere. If you don't pay or point out his quality problems after the completion, some people with bad attitude will quarrel with you, or the workers won't leave the site after the completion, forcing you to comply. On the contrary, the "regular army" has a standardized contract, has good professional ethics, and acts in accordance with the contract, which can better protect its own rights and interests

the above four points are the basic differences between the decoration of "regular army" and "guerrilla". In real life, there are also decoration companies with poor reputation. Owners should also carefully understand and choose later to avoid unnecessary decoration disputes

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