How to renovate the old bathroom

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One big disadvantage of the old bathroom is that the light is not bright enough, which may be the reason for the lamps, or the overall structure of the bathroom. And the old bathroom is also very difficult to renovate, especially in the purchase of bathroom products, which is likely to be different from the overall style or structure of the bathroom. Next, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network will teach you how to buy Bathroom products and transform the old bathroom

I: spatial structure transformation of old bathroom

there is a problem in many old bathroom rooms, that is, the area is too small. Therefore, when decorating the old bathroom, it is best to change the overall structure of the bathroom and move the washing area to another place, but we must pay attention to the overall style matching between the two

at this time, it is more important to use sliding doors to separate dry and wet spaces. A better choice is a flat sliding door, which saves more space. The price of this kind of door is relatively cheap, the construction is convenient, and the installation is also very convenient and flexible. It is suitable for the bathroom space with narrow length and small area. It can be used only by selecting the sliding door with single piece, double piece or more than three pieces according to the length

II: half hung folding door shower and bath are carried out at the same time

some owners who originally did not reserve a bathtub want to install a bathtub and enjoy the functions of bath and shower at the same time in a limited space. For these owners, the choice of bathtub location is critical

if the original shower space is abundant, you can directly place a bathtub in the shower space and install a semi suspended zigzag sliding door or folding sliding door on the bathtub. The semi suspended design installed directly on the bathtub can save part of the cost, and the thermal insulation performance is also better. Compared with the zigzag sliding door, the price of the folding sliding door is relatively higher, but the warmth retention is better

III: make full use of corners for special-shaped bathroom

for toilets with small space, it is also very important to make full use of corners and other spaces to improve the utilization rate. There are many bathroom products with different designs on the market, such as L-shaped, polygonal and circular arc steam shower rooms, bathtubs, etc

IV: the sliding mirror cabinet should be reasonably stored

from the perspective of the whole bathroom space, it is essential to reserve a sundry cabinet that can place all kinds of toiletries, which can not only ensure the cleanness and generosity of the whole bathroom space, but also facilitate bathing and washing

now it is very important to choose a mirror cabinet that can meet the storage needs and has a relatively beautiful appearance design: in addition to the special dry and wet sub packaging area, a hidden waterproof socket is also designed in the mirror cabinet, which is specially used for the plug-in of small appliances such as sanitary appliances, which is very humanized

V: the wall is sunken to store the bath products reasonably.

when transforming the old bathroom, the sunken storage method can be adopted: for example, one wall of the bathroom can be hollowed out and treated into a shelving table to place sundries. In addition, you can also consider using wall hung bathroom products, such as wall hung basins, toilets, etc. this kind of bathroom product can save about 10 cm of space than general bathroom products, making the narrow bathroom more spacious




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