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At 6 a.m. on June 24, the day gradually broke. It seemed that a few residual stars inlaid with silver gray clouds and some scattered mist could be seen in the light cyan sky

the micro photography team walked into Qilin

at 6 a.m. on June 24, the day gradually broke, and it seemed that a few residual stars inlaid with silver gray clouds and some scattered mist could be seen in the light blue sky. When I lay in front of the window of Chengdu Qilin door and window Technology Co., Ltd. and looked into the distance, I couldn't help looking forward to what touching stories I would encounter in today's Micro photography

to ingenuity? Qilin doors and windows: more valuable than success is the satisfaction of defending dreams together.

a piece of wood is useless, and a pile of wood is useless. If you don't have a dream of creating furniture in your heart, owning all the wood in the world is just a pile of waste. Just like a dream that a person has, it can only be a dream; A group of people with the same dream is true

like Qilin doors and windows, Carpoly furniture paint insists on walking with dreamers and using the rest of life to defend the original dream of creating furniture

Qilin doors and windows - passionate employee development

I have a group of employees with dreams,

have common hobbies and dreams of doors and windows

like me, they love the furniture industry,

hope to use the rest of their lives to run this business well,

realize Qilin doors and windows' dream of becoming a big brand,

so as to realize their own value

-- Interview with Mr. Qin Hong, general manager of Qilin doors and windows

interview with the Jiabaoli furniture paint micro shooting team, Mr. Qin Hong, general manager of Qilin doors and windows

has entered the furniture industry since the age of 16,

has passed through its 35th year

at first, I just wanted to live.

but I don't know when to start.

I gradually fell in love with making furniture.

even it was hard every day

but a person can be very poor,

but he can't live without dreams.

people always have something to support them to persevere

-- follow up from Qilin door and window wooden door master

handling, measuring, cutting... -- We know that craftsmen often mean repeated hard work, but behind these is the persistence of the dream of creating furniture. We believe that every craftsman would rather work hard and stick to it. Maybe this is the ingenuity we have been looking for

adhere to the dream and keep the ingenuity

Xiaobian's message

we pay tribute to the craftsman's persistence in the way of microphotting, but we hope that more people can actively participate in the [Jiabaoli furniture paint] microphotting competition and contribute to the inheritance of the craftsman's spirit! Pick up your mobile phone, participate in micro shooting, and have a chance to win a grand prize

employees of Qilin doors and windows enthusiastically participated in the collection of micro photography

works: 2016.6-8.31

online selection: 2016.9.1-31

Qilin doors and windows

Chengdu Qilin doors and windows Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of aluminum alloy doors and windows and solid wood suit doors. The company adheres to market orientation, takes advanced technology, process and equipment as guarantee, and constantly tracks the latest technological development trend of the industry, Constantly upgrade product design concepts and new product development and innovation, and strive to create a first-class reputation image, so as to win the praise of the majority of users

Qilin doors and windows always implements the business philosophy of "survival by quality and development by efficiency", adheres to the purpose of "being a door with heart and a man with heart", and in order to achieve the strategic goals of safety and environmental protection, building energy conservation and housing industrialization advocated by the state, adheres to standing on the position of consumers, constantly optimizes product quality and perfect after-sales service system, so as to win the praise of our customers


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