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If door and window enterprises want to develop, they must build brands

the fierce competition of door and window brands is like a troubled era in ancient times, with more than 4000 door and window manufacturers competing to be heroes. Of course, now is not an ancient time, just compare it to a brand. If more than 4000 door and window factories are installed in the disorderly shopping order, it is the work of every door and window factory to turn mangbilu into a front-line door and window brand. The following rhyme colored door and window editor gives us an analysis of the current situation

door and window factories should start from the demand and fight a hard battle

although the shopping malls are in disorder, there are endless business opportunities hidden behind the crisis. On the one hand, the market chaos has broken the wishes of some people who want to enter the door and window brand to dig for gold, slowing down the growth of door and window factories; On the other hand, "livelihood of the fittest", some companies and businesses that cannot meet the needs of shopping malls will be screened out, the competitive power and influence of strong companies and brands will be further enhanced, and door and window brands will be carried out in the direction of standardization

how can door and window factories seize business opportunities and jump out of the encirclement? First of all, we should focus on quality, supplemented by after-sales service, and create a brand. Now, developing door and window brands is the key point for door and window factories. They continue to increase investment and strengthen advertising

with the improvement of everyone's living standards, consumers' spending ideas are becoming more sophisticated and rational. Personalized spending is becoming increasingly significant, and the initiative and selectivity of spending are increasing. The consumer will eventually become the "owner" of the door and window shopping mall. In this case, only companies that want to spend what they want will not be screened by shopping malls. At that time, the door and window factory must not do some work that would damage the long-term development of the company due to the weakness of the shopping mall in front of it, otherwise it will be screened out. Whether it is a new company or a brand door and window factory that has operated for many years, we should be ready to fight a long-term war

good and bad brands of doors and windows are mixed.

in order not to be screened out and can seize more market shares, some large companies of doors and windows have adopted the operation strategy of expanding planning and expanding channels. However, it is not all "positive energy" that door and window factories actively respond to the challenge. Because the expansion of "quantity" intensifies the opposition between power, data, labor and production

the increase in the number of door and window factories and the expansion of planning have increased the demand for power, materials and labor. In recent years, with the progress of environmental protection awareness, the state has strengthened the maintenance of natural resources. This has led to a shortage of raw materials for door and window brands to a certain extent, and this situation will not be improved in the short term. Last year, the price of raw materials experienced four increases, and the profit space of door and window commodities was squeezed again and again. The shortage of raw materials makes it impossible for solid doors and windows to enter cities with low cost in the short term

therefore, some of them used their killer mace - price war. The original brand store has also become a grocery store. As long as the consumer wants to buy it, it has everything in the store, losing the characteristics and personality of the brand. In this way, the door and window brand policy can not be implemented. Therefore, there is a dilemma that the company does not implement preferential policies for dealers, while dealers do not implement the company's promotion strategy. After all, the result can only be to end unhappily - dealers replace brands, and the company loses terminal outlets

door and window brands need to show their sharpness in the fierce competition

a few years ago, in order to stimulate domestic demand, the state added the pace of infrastructure construction, which promoted the development of building materials industries such as doors and windows, and door enterprises appeared like mountains and fields. Now, the real estate foam has threatened everyone's recuperation. The state has issued a series of real estate regulation policies, forcing the reasonable return of house prices. The tight policy of real estate has directly affected the sales volume of the home building materials industry. Nowadays, the door and window brands have been everywhere, and the door and window factories have been forced to launch a fierce competition

according to incomplete statistics, at present, there are more than 4000 door and window factories with certain planning in China; There are more than 10000 traditional craft workshop style small companies. Under the tight policy of real estate regulation, so many door and window factories will face brutal market competition if they want to make a living and carry out. In the next few years, China's door and window brands will usher in a new round of brand and business screening competition. In the competition, the company competes for strength and endurance. "The leftover is the king", and only companies that can survive can have the opportunity to become kings




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