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People say: “ Live and work in peace and contentment &rdquo& ldquo; Live in peace ” It is the basic requirement of people's life. How to decorate a warm, romantic, comfortable and modern dwelling house that conforms to home feng shui? Is the most concerned issue. Feng Shui can also be interpreted as a discipline in modern times “ Environmental psychology ”. When decorating home, we should pay attention to the design of space and the choice of products, so as to create a good mood for people to live at home. Choose lamps instead of upside down sharp corners and cones, which are easy to form a sense of psychological oppression

OPP kitchen and bathroom ceiling

1. The ceiling color should be light rather than heavy

the ceiling of the living room symbolizes the sky and the floor symbolizes the ground. The color of the ceiling should be light and the color of the floor should be dark to meet “ The sky is light and the earth is heavy ” In this way, there will be no sense of top heavy or top heavy visually. The ceiling of the living room not only symbolizes the sky, but also the light color, such as light blue, which symbolizes the blue sky; White is a symbol of white clouds. The color of the ceiling should be light, and the color of the floor should be blue, in line with the meaning of light ground and heavy ground

living room ceiling effect drawing

2. The living room should be equipped with circular fluorescent chandeliers

the interior must give people a bright feeling, so the lighting of the living room should be sufficient, and dim will affect the career development. The choice of lamps and lanterns on the ceiling of the living room is very important. It is best to use circular chandeliers or ceiling lamps, because the circle has the meaning of doing things perfectly. Some living rooms that lack sunlight are dark and unidentified, and it is easy to feel depressed after being in them for a long time. In this case, it is best to hide fluorescent lamps in the wooden grooves on the four sides of the ceiling to fill the light. Such light is refracted from the ceiling, soft and not dazzling. The light emitted by fluorescent lamps is the closest to sunlight, which is most suitable for the living room that lacks natural light

3. The ceiling should have a heavenly pool

which affects the mood of daily life and work. The false ceiling is pressed too low to accommodate the beam of the roof, which is not suitable in terms of Feng Shui or design. In this case, the ceiling shape with low sides and high middle can be used. In this way, it is not only visually more comfortable, but also the concave position in the middle of the ceiling forms a water gathering “ Tianchi ”, It is of great benefit to housing. If you are in the water gathering “ Tianchi ” Hanging a resplendent crystal lamp in the center will have the effect of making the finishing point, but do not install a mirror on the ceiling, which is a Feng Shui taboo

4. According to the Feng Shui principle of the ceiling in the living room

it is first taboo to use the mouth shaped ceiling. The mouth shaped ceiling plus people in the middle will become a prisoner, so it is recommended that you use less mouth shaped ceiling; Secondly, we should avoid fish bone evil ceiling. Fish bone first represents poverty and hardship, and there is no fish to eat. Then bone itself is evil, so of course, we should use it carefully

next, pay attention to the less use of circular ceilings in bedrooms. Bedrooms are places that need to rest and sleep. Of course, you want to be quiet, so the less use of circular ceilings in bedroom decoration





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