We need to include people in net-zero transition p

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We need to include people in net-zero transition plans | View - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

With COP26 under way in Glasgow, countries across Europe are facing an energy crisis that is trapping consumers between rising prices and market volatility and preventing businesses from supporting the economic recovery from the pandemic.

This latest crisis has seen prices for oil and natural gas, which on average supply 35 per cent of the EU”s total energy, soar to multi-year levelsThis week and next.

France has promised a €100 cheque to each low-income citizen to help with their energy billsthey wer. Elsewhere, Chinese factories are closing to preserve energy supplies:1618220100000,, and millions of people in India are at risk of blackouts.

All this shows that the green transition will come with a period of uncertainty. This can be minimised through careful planning, and through cooperation between governments and business.

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